Nature Walk

….on the weekend I took a stroll to the naturalized park close to home

It’s not often that our dog, Frances wants to go for long walks anymore. She’s almost 13 and she sleeps most of the day. On occasion, however, when she does want to go for a walk she’s seems to find the energy to make her way to Col. Sam Smith Park. On warm days she likes to go for a swim from one of the three beaches in the park but last weekend the water was a little too green for my liking so I didn’t tempt fate and kept her on her leash.

I love this time of year with the colours changing. Plants are producing berries and seed heads and the grasses are turning brown with lovely seed tops swaying in the wind. The bees are very active these days and the birds are getting ready to migrate. Here are a few of my favourite sightings from my walk last weekend.IMG-3880

WPC – Favourite Macro Shots in 2017

….this week’s theme for the weekly photo challenge isĀ favourites

I had a hard time picking just one or two photos as my favourites for the year of 2107. I went through the year and categorized my photos into genres. My first post is of my favourite macro shots of bees and a butterfly.


Busy Bees

….I’m loving my macro lens

I’m still learning how to use my macro lens and right now I feel like I’m not really in control. It’s very hit or miss when I’m trying to capture the perfect shot. I’m not sure what I’ve done right when I get the shot or what I’m doing wrong when I don’t. Here are a few attempts at trying to capture bees at work.


The bottom photo is obviously not a bee but when my lens got close enough to get a clear shot these orange and black milkweed bugs would quickly move to the back of the milkweed pod that they were sitting on.

Can anyone give me suggestions for getting better close-up shots. When I adjust the lens it doesn’t appear to change what I’m seeing through the lens.