Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Summer’s End

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September usually signals that summer is quickly coming to an end. During the day, however, the temperatures can still be blisteringly hot but the cooler breezes in the evening off the lake, the shorter days, pots of mums at the garden centres and children skipping off to school in the mornings clearly forecast that autumn is close at hand.

Summer’s end brings out the sweaters and sweatshirts for evening walks. Fewer people are playing at the lawn bowling club and for those who still come out the lights have to be turned on over the pitch so the bowlers aren’t playing in the dark. In the garden most of the vegetables have come to an end. The kale of course will continue to thrive well into late fall but the green tomatoes struggle to ripen on the vine. The leaves on the trees and shrubs are beginning turn colour and some have started to fall to the ground. The bees and the squirrels are busily stocking up their food stores and fattening up for winter.


Mid August and Signs of Cooler Days to Come

….right now we’re going through a bit of a heat wave

On one of my walks this week I noticed that there were signs all over the place that autumn is not too far off. Usually cooler nights cause the colours to start changing but right now the nights are pretty warm but earlier this summer that wasn’t the case. Anyway the sumac is starting to change, the berries are starting to ripen and the apples are turning red.


Mundane Monday #200 – Crop

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Dictionary result for crop

  1. a cultivated plant that is grown as food, especially a grain, fruit, or vegetable.
    “the main crops were oats and barley”
    • an amount of produce harvested at one time.
      “a heavy crop of fruit”
      synonyms: harvest, year’s growth, yield, produce, vintage, gathering, reaping, gleaning, garnering;

      “some farmers lost their entire crop”
    • an abundance of something, especially a person’s hair.
      “he had a thick crop of wiry hair”
    • the total number of young farm animals born in a particular year on one farm.

      This bird certainly has a thick crop of feathers on top of his head.


An abundant crop of apples on the tree and vegetables at the market.IMG-6825

365 Days of Art – The Bad With the Good

…..days 36 and 37

Not everything that I make do I necessarily like. This is a journey of learning and practising skills in art. I started with watercolour still life and then landscapes when I started painting at 50. I’ve dabbled in so many different art genres that I haven’t mastered one. I’m going back to basics. Here are two studies of apples and bananas. I need to keep practising.