I’m a Fan of…..Bees

thanks to Jez for hosting I’m a Fan of…..https://jezbraithwaite.blog/2022/08/22/bees-fan-of-170/

Like Jez I’m also a fan of bees, especially photographing bees. I’m not a fan of wasps but was recently reminded that they are also pollinators and need to be protected as well. Having been stung by wasps and hornets in the past I have to admit that when they make entertaining or eating outside difficult I don’t rush to their aid when they get trapped inside any empty soda bottle. I’ve also had to destroy wasp nests that started to grow on the underside of our roof and on the inside of our cottage. Sorry if this offends anyone but I’m not taking the risk of having my family and guests stung by these aggressive little creatures. I am, however, open to any suggestions of how to keep wasps from building their nests on my property. Those paper nests that are suppose to keep wasps away don’t seem to work.


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