Our First Major Snow

…..in week three of January

I thought we were never going to need the snow shovel this year but a big storm has moved into the northeast of the U.S. and southern Ontario. Here in Toronto it’s been snowing all day but very lightly. I did sweep the snow off the porch and did one pass with the snow shovel over the sidewalk this afternoon.

Forty kilometres west of here in Hamilton it’s been quite a different story. Lucy, our daughter’s dog, had to make a path through about 10 to 20 cm of snow to find a place to pee. This photo was taken about six hours ago. I’m sure the amount of snow has doubled since then.


Hopefully I can get out tomorrow and get some of my own ‘snow’ photos. They’ll be the first this season but Toronto often gets bypassed by the bigger storms.

Word of the Day Challenge – Leisure

….if you’d like to participate in the challenge the word is leisure

Children and dogs really know how to relax and enjoy some leisure time.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Letter Z or Animals or People Snoozing

….thanks Cee for hosting the Fun Foto Challenge

This week we can post any photo that has words with Z in them or shots of people or animals catching some ZZZs.

Blizzard Conditions

Zoo (then and now)

Me at the High Park Zoo in 1955


The Toronto Zoo in 2017


Catching Some ZZZs


365 Days of Art – Photo Study #2

…..Day 26

After taking numerous photos of Lucy, the Bassett hound, my granddaughter wanted me to take some photos of her. Funny how the dog was easier to photograph. Winnie makes a lot of sudden moves whereas the dog was happy to just sleep on the couch. Nonetheless it was fun taking shots from different angles and Winnie loved looking at the photos.


365 Days of Art – A Photo Study

…..day 25

In Carla Sonheim’s year-long on-line class the prompt today was to take 11 photos of the same object. My granddaughter and I decided to should use Lucy, their basset hound, as my subject. This is a slight departure from the drawings and paintings that I do but I do consider photography an art form as well.