Our Old Trusted Friend

….on this day, August 26, International Dog Day I am dedicating this page to Frances

Frances came into our lives over 14 years ago when she was only two months old. My husband has always said the she is the best dog he’s ever owned. I say he because Frances is truly my husband’s dog but in the last few years when her energy levels dropped and she was only interested in short walks I’ve become the dog walker in the family.

2012….she loves the water
She also loves the snow
Frances’ best friend, Lucy
…and then along came this young whipper snapper about 4 1/2 years ago, Olive
2019 ….she still loves the water
2021 …. still loving the water
2021 …. a little greyer around the muzzle…..chilling on the deck at the cottage

17 thoughts on “Our Old Trusted Friend

    • Thanks Marsha. I think the next time I write about Frances it will be a sad post. We’re taking her to the vet on Thursday to see if we can give her something to make her more comfortable. She has arthritis and now has developed a rash.

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      • Awww What does that mean? How bad is it? My sister-in-law’s dog’s back end is getting weak and she can hardly walk and she has diarrhea. I’m thinking that sounds bad, but Cindy says, she’s healthy other than that. It’s so sad to think about the alternative. I hope your dog’s rash is nothing.

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      • We hope it’s only a rash and that the heat has been a contributing factor. She is however pushing 15 and we know that we don’t have a lot of time left with her. Right now we just want to make her as comfortable as possible and if there’s something we can give her for her arthritis we’ll do that.

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      • I get that! Puppy Girl had a good check up. She has to eat rice and chicken and take a probiotic for a while. And the vet said she could clean her teeth for less than a fortune.

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