Sunday Stills: Fur and Feathers

….thanks to Terri from Second Wind Leisure for hosting Sunday Stills

With the time change Frances’ schedule is all out of whack today. When she started to cry at 4:00 this afternoon I couldn’t figure out why and then I realized that her internal clock was telling her it was dinner time. I decided to distract her a bit and I took her for a walk for as long and far as she would let me. As she approaches 15 years of age her walks are getting shorter all the time.

Puppy Frances
Teenager Frances
Frances and her oldest friend, Lucy
Senior Frances, still enjoying the water
Newest friend, Olive as a puppy
Olive at the cottage with Frances

My favourite photos of birds

Blue Heron. at High Park
Emu at High Park Zoo
Sparrow in the park
My owl watercolour
Swan at Col. Sam Smith Park
Baby Robin

18 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Fur and Feathers

  1. Aww, your sweet Frances had the same problem as me and my pups today, hungry at 4:30!! Great gallery of your dogs and all those beautiful birds! Love your owl! Frances is doing well and looks happy at 15, good job on keeping her healthy, Carol. Glad to see you on Sunday Stills this week!

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