Sidewalk Crack Art #1

….thanks to Carla Sonheim for reintroducing the art of sidewalk cracks

Carla has once again offered a week of free lessons for kids of all ages. This week her lessons are focusing on the cracks we find in sidewalks and creating animals, creatures, people or anything else we see in these cracks. Try it, it’s fun.

Introducing Chef Lucky Ducky


Finding Art in Sidewalk Cracks

….part of the Sketchbook Revival

On day one of Sketchbook Revival one of the two visiting artists was Carla Sonheim. You’ve heard me mention her many times on my blog because I’m constantly taking on-line classes with her. For this particular session, Carla had us look for animals or objects in a photo of sidewalk cracks that she provided. I’ve done this exercise many times with my students when I was teaching. It’s a lot of fun and it’s amazing how many different things people can find. Here are 3 animals and one person that I found in the same photo.fullsizeoutput-7781

Imaginary Creatures Created From Sidewalk Cracks

….I can’t tell you how much my students loved going outside and sketching the cracks in the pavement

Today my grade two students took their favourite sidewalk crack and using it as the starting point drew an imaginary creature. I can’t take credit for this idea. I’m taking an on-line class with Carla Sonheim called Imaginary Creatures and one of the assignments was to pull out images from cracks anywhere you could them.

Here are some of the creatures that my grade two class created today. I included two of the original cracks that inspired the finished project. I hope you enjoy them!