Thursday Trios – Finds From the Pharmacy

….always looking for trios in the most unlikely places


If you have some interesting trios of people, animals, birds or things why not join the challenge. No rules as to when you post or format. Just copy the link from this post and paste it into yours so that I can get back to you. Have fun!

My Dad’s Love

…..even at 90 Dad gets excited about my birthday

Days before my birthday, Dad went shopping and picked up two dozen red roses that he kept hidden in his apartment. On the morning of my birthday he got up early and brought up the roses, a box of chocolates and a birthday card and set them on the kitchen table. When I woke up an hour later I was greeted with this lovely gift.


Later in the evening my husband, Dad and I went out for dinner at a new restaurant in the neighbourhood. Actually the restaurant has been there for ten years but it was our first visit. We had a lovely meal together.


I’m truly blessed that Dad is still so vibrant and healthy. He really has a zest for life.