Thursday Trios – Finds From the Pharmacy

….always looking for trios in the most unlikely places


If you have some interesting trios of people, animals, birds or things why not join the challenge. No rules as to when you post or format. Just copy the link from this post and paste it into yours so that I can get back to you. Have fun!

Thursday Trios – #9

….three of a kind

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Looking for trios at the pharmacy. If you have an interesting trio photo why not share it with us. Copy my link and paste it into your post. The trios can be of people, animals, birds or chocolate bars……have fun!

Thursday Trios – #7

….an odd collection this week, some new and some from the archives

Every Thursday or theres about I post photos of trios, such as three objects (similar or not), three people (related or not) or three animals. If you’d like to join the challenge copy the link from this post and paste it into your submission. There are no rules as to when you post, what size photo you post or whether it’s in colour or black and white. I’ll do my best to leave a comment on your site when you join the fun.

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Crazy Hats, Wacky Welcome Mats and Fun Birdhouses

….all this and more at Canada Blooms

It was fun walking around the flower show. There were lots of unexpected displays like these unusual hats.P1070531

I think my favourite display apart from the flowers themselves were these cute birdhouses.P1070533
When I hear the term welcome mat I always picture something at your front door that you actually step on as you cross the threshold. These beauties clearly were not designed to be stepped on.IMG-1424