Good Morning Collage

….#3 of 8 

I’m not sure I’ll get to the other 5 pages before the new lesson comes up but there’s no pressure to do all eight pages. This new page started with the hand drawn coffee mug that I cut out. I then added the bowl of fruit and drew a table around it and the mug.  I added the cloud shapes and placed the orange circle partially under the cloud to look like the sun was peaking out from the clouds. I added a small bird perched on the edge of the coffee mug and then I added line detail.

The last step was to add some colour with watercolour crayons and I drew in some plant material with my pencil crayons.


Climate Change is Real

….collage #2 of 8

This collage morphed into a political statement, although I don’t understand how science has, in this day and age, become political.

The collage started out with the big orange circle. Then I found the orange steer and layer it over some orange sky and desert like conditions. I added the umbrella for protection from the sun on one side and the acid rain on the other. The dark eyes at the top of the page could represent the evil nay sayers blinded by what they see before them. You can interpret this anyway you like.


January Photo a Day 2013: One o’clock…somewhere!

…. and paper, two challenges rolled into one

Yesterday my computer was giving me grief and I couldn’t post anything. When I finally got it fixed it was too late to come up with photos of paper. It just so happened that at 1:00 today I was teaching art to my grade 2/3 class and we were colouring and painting large sheets of paper. The lesson was on texture and they experimented with a variety of materials and techniques to create virtual texture. They loved it and I loved what they came up with. We will use these creations in future works of art.

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