Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Neighbours

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Neighbours mean the world to us. Not only do we help each other out in times of need or to carry out a goal, we also have become friends and celebrate special times in our lives together.

Trish and I picked up garbage in the neighbourhood for a month when COVID first hit. It was her idea but I was right there with her for 30 days.

…she even got one her daughters and her friend to pitch in
For years we shovelled snow for our neighbours and now they help us out when we’re not able
This is our neighbourhood lawn bowling club and many of the members are my neighbours. I’ve met a lot of great people
Friends since high school and neighbours at the cottage…always there to support me
Neighbours and friends helping me celebrate my ‘big’ birthday
Neighbours pitching in to help clear the leaves on the corner lot

Nearing the End of Our 30 Day Challenge: Part 1

….to clean all the parks in our neighbourhood

On May 4th I joined my neighbour Trish on her 30 Day Clean the Parks Challenge. As we come to the end of this experience we’ve learned a few things about people.

Most people are very appreciative for what we’re doing. We’ve met some wonderful people on this journey. It’s the minority that spoil our parks with trash they they can’t be bothered to walk over to the bins. In our parkette at the bottom of the street where we live there are three sets of bins space about 100 metres apart. The biggest offenders here are those people who drive down here to eat their breakfast, lunch and dinner in their cars and then dump their empty cups, food containers, serviettes, cigarette butts and beer bottles on the curb.005-C3-A9-C-2-F56-42-AF-B60-A-6-ED9-E37-D5-CD8