Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Pathways

…..thanks to Amanda from Something to Ponder About for hosting the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

The pathways here are from the neighbourhood, at Highgate Cemetery in London, Kensington Gardens in London, an autumn path along the Lakeshore, a path through the garden at Montgomery’s Inn, a path to a neighbour’s house on Hallowe’en and a path through the woods when we were ‘hunting’ for the perfect Christmas tree.


Hallowe’en on Sixth Street

….yesterday started out grey and wet but by late afternoon the rain ceased and the children arrived in their glorious costumes

We never get many children at our door but yesterday, despite a wet start to the day, we saw a relatively large number for the bottom of Sixth St.. I say bottom because so many families don’t venture those few extra steps into our block mainly because so few doors are open.

Before it got too dark I walked up the street to see how the neighbours decorated their doorways. Here’s a small sampling of what I saw. By the way we had 38 trick or treaters come to our door.IMG-9459

Halloween at the Zoo

….it started out chilly but when the sun came out the layers came off

Going to the zoo during the week on Halloween had its perks. There was lots of parking, the line-up to get into the zoo was very short and we didn’t have to push through crowds of people to see the pandas. The downside is that a lot of the refreshment stands and rest areas were closed. The mono-rail wasn’t operating and some of the animal enclosures were closed.

We arrived late morning and we needed to bundle up to stay warm. Out came the hats, gloves and scarves. As soon as we entered the grounds we could see that staff had made an effort to decorate for Halloween.

Our first destination was the panda pavilion. The pandas are on loan here from China and the original two successfully mated to produce two cubs. The young cubs are already two years old and are almost the same size as their parents. In March, Toronto will have to say good-bye to the pandas when they move to Calgary. I was thrilled that I was able to get so close to get some great shots.


As we walked from the Giant Panda Experience towards the Polar Bears and then to the African Savanna, the sun came out and we shed our hats, gloves and scarves. The pathways are beautifully laid out as they wind through forests of orange, gold and red. There were many interesting animals along the way but this post would be far too long if I mentioned them all. I’ll save that for another day.

The Changing Seasons – October 2016

…..thanks to Cardinal Guzman for hosting Changing Seasons

October has been a month of birthdays in our family and all were special birthdays. We started with my husband’s 65th birthday, then my father’s 90th birthday, my granddaughter’s 1st birthday and my son-in-law’s 40th birthday. October also saw the colours finally change and mostly towards the end of the month. Finally the month ended, as it always does, with Hallowe’en and what a glorious day it was for trick or treating.

New Trends – Hallowe’en Inflatables and Flaming Pumpkins

Walking around the neighbourhood before Hallowe’en night I noticed that more and more people are decorating their homes using inflatable monsters, pumpkins and ghosts.

But the best inflatables were the costumes. This one taken at school was the best.img_0383

On Hallowe’en Day we had our traditional parade at school. Students and teachers dressed up for the occasion and parents watched from the sidelines.

On Hallowe’en evening the conditions were perfect. There were lots of children and parents on the street but very few crossed the intersection to make their way to our block. We even walked out to the sidewalk and hailed people to walk a little further. It was tough competing with the flaming pumpkins up the road. Three pumpkins were hollowed out, carved and then doused with kerosene. Someone said that there were toilet paper rolls inside the pumpkins.