The Neighbourhood is Ready for Hallowe’en

….looks like we’ll have more doors open this year for Hallowe’en

Last year Hallowe’en was a bit of a bust because of COVID. Some people left candy outside on the honour system and many families had small costume parties with people who were in their bubble only. This year it looks like the rain will stop just in time for Trick or Treating and many people have decorated their houses with spooky decorations. I’m looking forward to opening the door again to all those lovely little kids (and some big ones too) all decked out as ghosts, witches, princesses and their favourite super heroes.

As an added precaution I’m prepackaging their treats in individual bags so there will be less handling of the food. Tonight I will clean out the pumpkin and let my husband do his magic on our Jack o lantern in the morning. Are you ready for Hallowe’en this year or are you going to give it a miss for another year?


….and the winner for my favourite Hallowe’en display is this one


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