Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – Around the Neighbourhood

…thanks to Travels and Trifles for hosting this Weekly Photo Challenge

Most of my photos are of the neighbourhood. It’s not the nicest time of year so some of my photos for this post are from various times throughout the year.


The Boats are Back!

….you know spring is here when the boats have been returned to the water

On the weekend the marina was a hustling busy place with cranes working overtime to get the boats back into the water. When I went to see what progress had been made it looked like most of the boats were afloat but the sailboats didn’t have their masts in place as of yesterday. Here’s how it looked:


WPC – Tour Guide of Toronto

….thanks to Word Press  for a theme close to my heart

People always ask me if I’ll move away from Toronto when I retire. I can’t imagine living anywhere else right now. I live in the southwestern area of Toronto more commonly known as New Toronto or South Etobicoke. I love being 15 minutes from downtown (depending on the time of day) and being able to take advantage of all the city has to offer. On the other hand, I feel blessed to live where I do. A century ago people used to travel to this neighbourhood from downtown because they had cottages here on the lake. A few of those old structures still stand today but they are quickly being eaten up by renovators who appreciate the value of the land.

My father recently moved back here after living in Oshawa for 20 years. He feels like he’s come back home. Nothing beats the view of the city skyline that I see everyday at the bottom of the street where I’ve lived for 39 years.


I love the nature trails and beautiful parks that you can find all over the city. The big one in my neighbourhood has wonderful hiking and biking paths that wind through Colonel Samuel Smith Park and the Humber College grounds. Part of it is a naturalized area with a pond in the middle and Lake Ontario at the south end. We have more wildlife here than we do at my cottage. It’s not unusual to see coyotes, foxes, beavers, turtles, o’possums, racoons, skunks and the occasional deer. We have birds and waterfowl galore. In the summer many people come to the park to take advantage of the beaches that line the eastern side of the extension to get relief from the heat or to paddle or kite surf.

If you’re not into nature the city offers the best in museums, art galleries, aquariums, recreational sports and the best restaurants.


Thursday Doors – November 23, 2017 – North on Sixth Street

….thanks to Norm for hosting Thursday Doors

Lately I’ve been exploring and walking through my neighbourhood looking for interesting doors. I usually walk east or west from my house but last week I decided to venture north. I live on Sixth Street but I rarely go north of Lakeshore Blvd. I discovered some lovely homes, two churches and a Japanese temple. I took a closer look at St. Margaret’s Church.

St. Margaret’s has serviced the community of New Toronto for over 100 years. The cornerstone was laid in 1910 and the building was completed in 1911. It has numerous outreach programs, such as Out of the Cold, community dinners and the Boy Scouts.


Most of the homes are typical New Toronto homes, compact and situated on small lots but many owners clearly take pride in their places and numerous homes in the neighbourhood are undergoing extensive renovations.


Thursday Doors on Eleventh Street

…..thanks Norm for hosting Thursday Doors

This week, October 12, 2107, my doors come from my neighbourhood. Last week I featured doors on Tenth Street and this week I’m posting doors a block west of there. I love this time of year because people are putting out harvest and Hallowe’en decorations.


The Ninth Street Santas

….on Dec. 6th, western Christian children celebrated St. Nicholas Day, New Toronto had its Santa Claus Parade and Ninth Street residents inflated and lit up their Santas

A week ago, Saturday, my husband and I were walking Frances over to the park when I noticed a very unusual sight on Ninth Street. Giant inflatable Santas popped up all the way down the street. Now it’s not unusual to see Christmas decorations this time of year and the inflatable variety are becoming more common but it seemed like every other house had a large inflatable Santa on their lawn.

On the way back from our walk we purposely  went down Ninth Street from the top of the street and I counted the Santas. There were 16 of them in one block that were all the same size and design. There were a few smaller ones in between and there was one lonely Frosty the Snowman.

Later that night I went back to Ninth Street to see the Santas lit up. I parked the car and saw two people on the street. I approached them and asked them if this display of all the same Santas was a coincidence or if it was an organized event. The latter was true. Apparently someone on the street went door to door and suggested that everyone put up one of these Santas. They were at Walmart and were on sale.

I asked if the person with the snowman didn’t get the message. It just so happened that one of the people there was the owner of the snowman and she protested very loudly. I calmed her down and concluded that Walmart must have sold out of Santas and that’s exactly what happened. A few more Santas have gone up since then.