Thursday Doors in Tours

…..April 21, 2022

Today was our last day in Tours. We had a wonderful two weeks in France and our home in Tours was exceptional. Here are four doors from the 19th century bourgeoise neighbourhood in Tours and the last three were on public buildings like the Opera House and City Hall.

Thanks to Dan Anton from No Facilities for hosting Thursday Doors

Thursday Trios – April 21, 2022

……leaving France today for London

Three white poppies
Three walls of stained glass at the Royal Castle in Blois
A trio of stained glass windows from the cathedral in Tours
A trio of Chimneys from the 19th century neighbourhood in Tours
A trio of straw flowers

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New Flower (April 21, 2021) – Spring Flowers Under a Blanket of Snow

this snow literally came down overnight

Even for Southern Ontario in Canada, snow this late into April is not the norm. It’s ironic that we had so little snow this winter and Mother Nature decided make up for it well into spring. Four hours later all this snow has already disappeared.