Triple Blooms for Thursday Trios

….in honour of spring, a triple set of spring flowers


Do you have one, two, three or more photos with people, animals, flowers or any interesting objects grouped together in threes? Join the fun and copy the link from this post and paste it into your post of trios. I’ll reply ASAP as long as I get the ping back.

New Flower (April 21, 2021) – Spring Flowers Under a Blanket of Snow

this snow literally came down overnight

Even for Southern Ontario in Canada, snow this late into April is not the norm. It’s ironic that we had so little snow this winter and Mother Nature decided make up for it well into spring. Four hours later all this snow has already disappeared.


Bright Square – April 18, 2021

….today would have been Mom’s 90th birthday

Thanks to Becky B for hosting Bright Square for the month of April.

A few days ago I posted a photos of my narcissus plants that were about to open up. I called it Bright Future because they symbolized the ongoing beauty that I should experience every spring from here on and be reminded of my Dad who recently passed away.

Two of the flowers have opened and the rest are taking their time but we’ve had a few cold days and I’m sure when it starts to warm up again the rest will follow.


These New Bulbs Have a Bright Future in my Garden

….thanks to Becky B for hosting BrightSquare

Last fall two close friends gifted me 50 narcissus bulbs to plant in my front yard. Liz came over and helped my plant the bulbs around the tree, the hydro pole, along the wall and in the flower bed. They started to emerge last February and are just about ready to bloom.

The flowers are a remembrance to my father who passed away last October. Hopefully they should pop up every spring. If they are anything like my daffodils this year they will probably multiply over the years.