New Flower (April 21, 2021) – Spring Flowers Under a Blanket of Snow

this snow literally came down overnight

Even for Southern Ontario in Canada, snow this late into April is not the norm. It’s ironic that we had so little snow this winter and Mother Nature decided make up for it well into spring. Four hours later all this snow has already disappeared.


Everything is Blooming

…..except my flowering crabapple tree

Tonight I took a quick walk around my neighbourhood to get a few evening shots. At the park, 100 feet from my house, the reflection of the setting sun on the city skyline was spectacular. This is when I wish I had a better camera.ImageImageAs I approached the water I noticed that the swans have returned to our shoreline. Such magnificent birds. There was a bit of a wind tonight and I seemed to have trouble holding the camera still but I got at least one good shot.


On my little walk I couldn’t help but notice how the shrubs and trees have all of a sudden come to life with colourful blooms. The forsythia shrubs and magnolia trees are an ¬†explosion of yellows, whites and pink. As the cherry blossoms start to whither we are treated to new beauties to enjoy.

P1020028 P1020046 P1020044

….and then there’s my poor tree. Of course I complain about this every year but because of the proximity to the lake our flowering crabapple tree is always the last to bloom in the neighbourhood. I’m particularly worried this year because in the fall the city came to trim our tree and ended up scalping it beyond recognition. Oh well, here’s hoping for the best.


We should know in a couple of weeks whether we will be treated with beautiful pink blossoms or not.