The Which Way Photo Challenge – June 15, 2018 – A Road Trip to Wine Country

….thanks to Cee for hosting the Which Way Photo Challenge

This week my husband and I did a three day road trip to Prince Edward County to take in the sites and sample some amazing homegrown wines. We started at the Montrose Inn where  we were treated to luxury accommodations in the beautifully restored Montebello style inn. Our hosts Suzette and Roger and their pastry chef, Sabine, spoiled us to the core.


Many of the wineries also displayed some amazing art and some even had their own art galleries. If you love wine, good food and great art you need to check out Prince Edward County, Ontario (not to be confused with Prince Edward Island).

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – June 8, 2018

…thanks to Cee  for hosting the Which Way Photo Challenge

This week I’ve included a brick pathway, a hallway, stairs (modern and old), a brass plaque, a worn path through the grass and a construction site walkway.


Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – April 20, 2018

Which Way Photo Challenge

Yesterday on our walk along the Waterfront Trail in Hamilton, my camera was working overtime. It was such a lovely day.


Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – March 11, 2018

…thanks to Cee for hosting the Which Way Photo Challenge

Anything with signs, bridges, pathways, roads, stairs and sidewalks qualifies for this challenge. Yesterday’s trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens was a photographer’s delight.


A Day Trip to Hamilton

….Brendan wanted to spend the day with his twin sister and her family

My daughter-in-law hadn’t seen Gaelan’s place in Hamilton so we took another road trip on Wednesday (one day after Niagara Falls). Luckily it’s only a 40 minute drive when traffic isn’t too busy.

Gaelan’s husband Brendan had the BBQ going when we got there and we started our visit with a wonderful lunch of sausages and salads. Soon after we decided to go to the Rock Garden at the Royal Botanical Gardens. It was a gorgeous day and the Rock Garden provided us with shade and cooling waters from the fountains and the waterfall.

We walked through most of the grounds when a dark cloud quickly appeared over head. The same thing had happened the day before when we were in Niagara Falls so we decided we needed to run for cover. We arrived back at the entrance when the clouds opened up but now we had to get to our cars and mine was parked in a lot on the opposite side of the street. My son-in-law graciously offered to drive me over in his car but the moment I stepped out of the car it rained even harder and in that split second I was completely drenched. I drove back to pick up Brendan and Azadeh.

We all returned to Gaelan’s house to dry off and have a cup of coffee before we headed back to Toronto. The worst of the rain had stopped by then. Despite the rain we had a wonderful time. This summer we’ve had to make the best of what Mother Nature has thrown at us. I only remember one summer worse than this one and that was in 1992 when we were building our cottage and living in a tent trailer. It rained every single day that summer and at the end of the summer on my 40th birthday the canvas gave way and the water came in at the foot of our bed.