Macro Monday – March 20, 2023

back to winter’s harsh climate

We’ve had several days of very severe winter weather…..snow, freezing temperatures and winds that make it feel even colder. All of this happened just days before the first day of spring. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to post macros of emerging plant life with some green and colour in it.


Cousin of the Rat but Cuter

thanks to Debbie Smyth for hosting Six Word Saturday

Today in High Park the squirrels were out and about, running up and down trees and through the tall grasses. I had my telephoto lens with me and was able to capture these beauties.

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Happy Nowruz – Persian New Year

….I’m a day late

My daughter-in-law’s family celebrated Nowruz yesterday in Iran. I wanted to post the Iranian quilt square on this special day but I’m a day late. To those who celebrate I apologize. Thanks to Becky B for hosting March Square.