A Surprise Encounter on my Walk Today

….I was almost home when I saw these magnificent creatures one block over

I quickly walked towards the park when I spotted the mounted police heading in that direction. They stopped in front of one of the homes so that the owner could give the horses some apple and chat with the police. I also ran into a friend who was walking her lovely dog, Gaby. As long as the horses were still the dog was fine but as soon as they continued on their way she began to bark. You know when horses are well trained because the barking didn’t bother them one little bit.


Last Day of Summer – Sept. 20, 2021

…..enjoying a warm and sunny day at Marie Curtis Park

Today we experienced a nice warm summer day; the last one of the season. Normally this time of year the average temperature is about 20 degrees celsius but we hit 23 and people definitely took advantage of it.

When I arrived at the park school had just dismissed its students and I noticed several children were in the playground and splash pad. Cyclists, senior citizens and dog walkers were also enjoying this great weather.


More Interesting Characters

….not sure if our granddaughter has seen these yet

My husband doesn’t always share his drawings with me but when he does I download them into my ‘Photos’. I know that tomorrow is suppose to be ‘Fishy Friday’ but I’m not sure if that’s happening. If it does I’ll make sure to pass it on to those of you who enjoy his work.

These three entries are a dog, a mouse and a bird. Not as colourful or quirky as some of his drawings but fun nonetheless.Woof2

365 Days of Art – Day 58

…..planning on creating a Dr. Seuss like character

For one of my year long assignments with Carla Sonheim I’m suppose to come up with my own Dr. Seuss like character. I decided to study some of Dr. Seuss’ illustrations and see what common characteristics they have. One is the u shape inside the large oval eyes that he uses for most of his characters. The mouth line is just a simple curve ending with a curved cheek line. Here are two practice drawings that I copied from his book What Pet Should I Get?


One Word Photo Challenge – Dog

…thanks to Jennifer Nichole Wells for this week’s photo challenge and the word dog

Frances and Lucy always make great subjects for photos. Frances is our dog and Lucy belongs to our daughter’s family.