Weekly Prompt Colour Challenge – Nautical Blue

thanks to Sue from Weekly Prompts for hosting this week’s colour challenge https://weeklyprompts.com/2022/06/04/weekly-prompts-colour-challenge-nautical-blue/

What is nautical blue? According to some sites on the internet it is the following:

There are a surprising number of colours that can be considered nautical. Some of the most popular include deep blue, navy, red, black, white, turquoise, sand or khaki, brick, cream, sea green, sky blue, yellow, shades of gray, and more.

Sue is allowing us to interpret the colour nautical blue as we please. Here is my interpretation of nautical blue.


Second Project of Part 2

….day 80 of 365 Days of Art

For the Tape n’Stuff assignment that Carla Sonheim gave us I made two backgrounds. Yesterday I posted the first one here¬†where I explained the process for this project.

Here is my second attempt at this unusual assignment.


March Square – Gift from a Student

…..thanks to Becky B for hosting¬†March Square

Only one more day of March Squares. I’ve loved this challenge and don’t know what I’ll do in April. Maybe more art projects? Every day when I wake up I’m greeted with this lovely piece of art that was made by one of my grade three students and gifted to me on my retirement. Thank you Alex.


Mother’s Day Cards – Kindergarten Style

….there were plenty of gifts made for moms in the kindergarten classes last week

I wanted to come up with a nice piece of art to put on a card that the children would be excited to give to their moms. I decided to to teach the children how to draw simple hearts and flower line drawings using paint. When the paint dried they could add more interesting detail using black (or coloured) markers.

When the children were happy with their creation they could use the entire piece and glue it down onto a sheet of card stock or they could have their favourite section trimmed to fit onto a card. Some of them took it a step further and actually cut up their shapes and then glued them down individually.

We wrote a message on the board for the children to copy in their own hand to add to their cards to create their original Mother’s Day Card. What do you think? Of course I’m biased but I think they’re fabulous.