My Last March Square – March 31st

…..thanks to Becky B for hosting this fun challenge

I’m combining my collage challenge (week 10) and 365 Days of Art (Day 62) with my last March square. This collage technique is called décollage and it involves layering paper and then tearing away the top layer to reveal what’s underneath.


March Square – Gift from a Student

…..thanks to Becky B for hosting March Square

Only one more day of March Squares. I’ve loved this challenge and don’t know what I’ll do in April. Maybe more art projects? Every day when I wake up I’m greeted with this lovely piece of art that was made by one of my grade three students and gifted to me on my retirement. Thank you Alex.


March Square – A Circle Within a Square

….thanks to Becky B for hosting March Square

It’s amazing how a medallion like this can dress up the dreariest of fences. It certainly caught my eye as I was walking home from the library. IMG_1274

Rocky Raccoon Caught in a Square Box

…..thanks to Becky B for hosting March Square

This little fella or gal was sitting in our deck box yesterday. Our dog was sniffing around the box when we let her outside and she was quite agitated. When my husband opened the box this is what he saw. He quickly called me outside and prompted me to open the box while he took a photo. I was a little nervous but the dog scared this critter more than we did. I’m going to say that ‘Rocky’ is a girl because when she climbed out she struggled quite a bit because of her massive size. I suspect that she’s pregnant. No animals were harmed in this exercise and Rocky has not returned.


March Square – Celebrating Canada’s 150th

,,,,,thanks to Becky B for hosting March Square

Some of the quilts at Friday’s quilting show at Neilson Park Creative Centre clearly had been made to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. This was the centre of a larger quilt and I’m wishing I had taken a photo of the entire piece.

fullsizeoutput 6d23