Friday Was Squirrel Appreciation Day

….sorry that I’m a day late

It’s no secret that my husband is not a fan of squirrels but he isn’t completely heartless. Back in October of last year he heard this strange noise coming from the outside of the house. It was heart wrenching to hear because it was clearly an animal in distress. He quickly ascertained that the noise was coming from the downspout. Somehow a squirrel had managed to get stuck.

Kevin quickly removed the bend in the spout and lo and behold a tail popped out. There was no doubt that it was a squirrel but even after removing the extra bit of downspout the little fellow was still stuck. I suggested that he get some gloves on and gently pull on the tail. Unfortunately in doing so the tip of the tail came off. We knew that we couldn’t leave him like that so Kevin grabbed the tail higher up and pulled again. This time he was able to free the squirrel. You never saw a squirrel move so fast.

Over the next few months we’ve kept our eyes out for Stubby (Kevin even named this squirrel) and we knew he was okay when we saw him around the bird feeder. I’m glad to report that the tip of the tail is growing back.


In honour of Squirrel Appreciation Day, Kevin has painted a picture of Stubby.


Feeding the Squirrels

away from the bird feeder

When we had the big snow storm and over 50cm came down our back deck was impossible to walk on and I couldn’t make my way to the bird feeder so I put seed on a plate and placed it on top of the snow as far away from the door as my arms would reach. I was hoping that the birds would see it and fly onto the plate. In fact, it was the grey squirrel who found the plate first and with some difficulty made his way over the deep snow and had quite the feast.


Child’s Play 1

….adding to Sevin’s watercolours

After my granddaughter and her family went back to London, England, I discovered that they left behind a number of things, like toys, gloves, snacks and Sevin’s artwork. We had already taken our favourite piece and framed it but there were five more left behind. Rather than throw them away I decided to take them and add marks with black and white ink. Here is the first one that I worked on.

Some of the pieces that were left behind
After I added white and black marks with ink

Sticky Thursday Trios – January 20, 2022

….new sticky notes from the Korean Paper Store

Why not join us and share some of your trios. They can be from your archives or something you’ve recently photographed. The only rule is that there has to be three subjects in the photo. To share with me just copy my link on this page and paste it into your post. I’ll be sure to get a pingback and I will respond. Have fun!


Welcome to Prince Arthur Street in Toronto

….thanks to Dan from No Facilities for hosting Thursday Doors

Prince Arthur Street is a mix of old and new. Not only is it where the Women’s Art Gallery, that I belong, is located but there are numerous businesses and restaurants in some of the older buildings dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. In amongst that there are also some mid-century apartment buildings/condos and much newer business towers closer to Avenue Road.