An Eclectic Collection of Trios

….for this week’s Thursday Trios I have a variety of subjects

Sorry for the delay for this week’s Thursday Trios. I had every intention of posting right after I returned from visiting a friend who is convalescing in long term care. While I was there the city was hit with a massive rain storm and when I got home I discovered that our internet was out. It took hours before it got up and running again.

Three Suzuki tone chimes – Hand Bells
Roses for Diane’s anniversary
Cleaning up the leaves around the cottage
Three friends enjoying a game of lawn bowling…..can you see the other trio?

If you have any trios you’d like to share, just copy the my link and post it into your own post and I will get a ping back.

August Photo a Day – Sandy Beach

…thanks to City Sonnet for hosting the August Photo a Day

Today’s prompt is sandy beach.

Our sandy beach on Big Sand Bay has receded considerably over the last 30 years. As water levels rise the beach on parts of the north shore have disappeared completely. In the middle of the beach and to the east we can still claim to have a sandy beach.IMG-2938

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge – August 26, 2018

…..thanks Cee for hosting the Odd Ball Photo Challenge

Just got back from a three day visit to the cottage where I managed to take some odd ball shots on the ferry, on the beach and around the cabin.