Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge – August 26, 2018

…..thanks Cee for hosting the Odd Ball Photo Challenge

Just got back from a three day visit to the cottage where I managed to take some odd ball shots on the ferry, on the beach and around the cabin.


WPC – Favourite Place

……do you have a favourite place?

Thanks to WordPress for this week’s photo challenge, favourite place.

It’s so hard to choose just one place but if I must I think my favourite place to hang out would be at my cottage on Georgian Bay.

Enjoying the Peace at the Cottage

…..so happy that I opened the cottage earlier in June

On my first trip to the cottage after opening it three weeks earlier, I was really looking forward to my stay. The only big thing that I still had to do was move the fridge outside, hook it up to the propane tank and fasten the tarp to the edge of the roof to keep the rain off the fridge. I managed to do most of this on my own and the only part that I needed help with was lighting the burner at the back of the fridge while I pushed the buttons on the front. Luckily my friend’s son had arrived the day before and was able to assist me with this final step.

For the most part the weather was very nice. I took several long walks along the beach that is mostly under water this year. When I wasn’t walking, cooking or cleaning I started and finished a book called The Last Days at Cafe Leila by Donia Bijan. A lovely summer read that gave me some insight into how the lives of Iranian citizens were affected by all the political and religious unrest that has taken place since the 1930s. The story centres around the owners and staff at Cafe Leila and the children who were sent to America after their mother was murdered by the police. When the daughter is separated from her estranged husband her father asks her to come home after being apart for more than 30 years.

When I wasn’t reading I took time to go and explore and take photographs. A couple of times I had to drive to the dock to drop someone off or pick someone up from the boat; consequently, many of the photos are from that area. The rest were taken at the beach.

The shots from the beach were taken in the early evening just as the sun was setting.

The day after the previous pictures were taken the weather had become quite windy and very cool. For most of the day I wore my longer pants and sweat shirt.


Closing the Cottage

….closing the cottage took place later than normal

Traditionally many people close their cottages on the Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. For us this year that date was pushed forward by two weeks.

Our first grandchild was due to arrive on October 4th and we wanted to be close to home when she made her way into the world. As a result we didn’t venture too far from home from October 1st on.  One week after the due date was Thanksgiving, which we spent with our daughter and the following weekend it snowed up north. Snow in mid-October is pretty rare in this part of Canada so we weren’t prepared, physically or emotionally, to drive in 15 cm of snow this early in the year.

Earlier this week we had beautiful weather and all the snow up north had melted away. We left after rush hour and made it up to the ferry dock on time, so we thought, to catch the 11:30 boat. What we didn’t know at that moment was that the schedule had been changed in early September when the kids on the island went back to school in Midland.

A nice young man came over to the car and told us that the next boat wouldn’t be for another two hours so we decided to drive back into Midland and have some lunch. We had Frances with us which meant that we had to find a place where we could eat outside. Luckily it was warm enough to do that and one of my favourite restaurants in town still had their patio tables and chairs outside on the sidewalk.

After a delicious lunch of butternut squash soup and a couple of grilled sandwiches we drove back to the ferry dock where I got out of the car and took a few photos of the surrounding area and gave the dog a little bit of exercise while we waited for the ferry to be loaded.

When we finally got to the cottage we quickly started to do what needed to be done. I stripped all the beds and bagged and stored away all the pillows and blankets. I removed all canned and bottled foods from the cupboards so that they couldn’t freeze over the winter. I removed all paper products from the counters and put them into sealed containers so that the mice that move in couldn’t shred them for bedding materials. My husband brought all the outdoor chairs and tables inside and moved and covered the barbecue. We loaded up the car with the bedding and clothes that needed washing and all the canned food. The last thing we did was board up the door so that the snow couldn’t blow in and to keep the glass window from shattering.

We took one last walk on the beach with the dog, keeping her on the least so that she didn’t go swimming. There’s nothing worse than having to drive for two hours with a wet dog unless of course that dog has been sprayed by a skunk.

We left in good time to catch the 4:00 ferry but when we got down to the loading dock we saw that the ferry was on the other side of the lake. I guess that this scheduled time had been changed as well. When the ferry got closer I could see why the time had been changed. The ferry was loaded with high school children coming home from school.

When we finally got on the ferry we were allowed to drive on, front end first, instead of backing on. What a treat! After 20 minutes on the ferry the car ride home took just over two hours.

Another great summer at Christian Island has come to an end. Thank goodness we were able to close on such a beautiful day.

IMG_6605 IMG_6604

Cottage Time

……Thursday, July 2, 2015

I finally got here.

Thursday morning I finally got the car packed and shortly before 1:00 I set out, by myself for the cottage. It was the day after the holiday so traffic was minimal and I made good time but I knew that I would never make the 3:00 ferry. As I got closer to Cedar Point I made a decision to head into Midland and see if I could find a special paper I needed for my next art assignment.

There’s a new art gallery/school in the downtown and I was hoping that I could get what I needed from there or from a small framing business that also sold art supplies. Well the framing store has gone out of business and the new gallery only had a small supply of papers. They recommended that I try the printing shop across the street. I had nothing to lose and I still had time so I made my way up the street.

The owners were very friendly and very accommodating. They found a few sheets of tracing paper on an upper shelf that had obviously been there awhile. They gave me what was left and didn’t charge me. How nice was that!.

I passed through Penatang and tried to find the art store there but didn’t have time to park and walk up the street. I’ll leave that for another day. I’ll make do with the paper that was so graciously gifted to me. When I got to Lafontaine (the last town before Cedar Point) I made another quick stop and picked up a couple of bottles of wine.

I still had ten minutes to spare when I got to Cedar Point. The ferry was just coming into the dock. I’ve done this trip for over 25 years but I still don’t like backing onto the ferry. It’s about a twenty minute trip across the bay to the island and then another seven minutes by car to get to the far end of the island where our cottage is situated.P1020672

I arrived around 5:00. Luckily my neighbour’s adult daughter had arrived that day as well and she came over to help me unload the car. She also helped me move the fridge, set up the BBQ and started the pump so I would have water. Everything went well until the pump stopped. No biggie. The gas motor needed more gas. After filling it up we pulled the cord. Nothing! We tried again and again. Nothing! I wasn’t too worried. I always bring two large bottles of water with me for this very reason. We decided to leave it for awhile and give it another go in the morning. Little did we know what an adventure we were about to encounter. More about that tomorrow.


Time for a Trip to the Toronto Islands

…..with the temperatures going into summer mode this weekend, there’s no better time

If you haven’t headed up to the cottage this weekend and need a little get away trip,  make your way to the ferry docks this weekend.

photo 1-138 photo 3-120

I would avoid Centre Island, unless you have children and need the amusement park for entertainment. Ward’s Island is a great alternative. It is a residential community where people own their homes but not the land and it’s the largest urban area in North America that has no motorized vehicles other than a few service vans. Most of the homes are tiny and on small lots. It looks very much like a cottage community.

My daughter’s mother-in-law was lucky enough to rent a house for a couple of months when she came back to the city before moving on to her next foreign adventure. On the Mother’s Day weekend we were all invited to her place for a meal. It had always been a dream of hers to own her own house on the island and every year for a number of years she paid a fee to enter a lottery when homes  became available for sale. Needless to say she was never chosen so being able to rent for awhile was the next best option.

photo 4-112 photo 1-130

While we were there we took a walk and enjoyed looking at all the cute homes and emerging gardens. As we continued north we ended on a beach and even though it was still chilly that weekend there were quite a few people walking along the beach and some were sitting on the sand and enjoying a small picnic. photo 1-134 photo 4-109

Our hostess loved living on the island. She was there in the middle of the winter and then again in April and May. Her only source of heating was a gas fire place in the shape of an old fashioned wood burning stove. She was toasty and warm all winter and she loved the solitude and quiet of her neighbourhood. The ferry runs every hour and residents can buy a monthly pass so if they have to make more than one run a day to the mainland it doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg. Most of the time if you’ve forgotten to buy something or have run out of something there’s a web bulletin board and your neighbours come to your aid if they have what you need.