Cottage Time

……Thursday, July 2, 2015

I finally got here.

Thursday morning I finally got the car packed and shortly before 1:00 I set out, by myself for the cottage. It was the day after the holiday so traffic was minimal and I made good time but I knew that I would never make the 3:00 ferry. As I got closer to Cedar Point I made a decision to head into Midland and see if I could find a special paper I needed for my next art assignment.

There’s a new art gallery/school in the downtown and I was hoping that I could get what I needed from there or from a small framing business that also sold art supplies. Well the framing store has gone out of business and the new gallery only had a small supply of papers. They recommended that I try the printing shop across the street. I had nothing to lose and I still had time so I made my way up the street.

The owners were very friendly and very accommodating. They found a few sheets of tracing paper on an upper shelf that had obviously been there awhile. They gave me what was left and didn’t charge me. How nice was that!.

I passed through Penatang and tried to find the art store there but didn’t have time to park and walk up the street. I’ll leave that for another day. I’ll make do with the paper that was so graciously gifted to me. When I got to Lafontaine (the last town before Cedar Point) I made another quick stop and picked up a couple of bottles of wine.

I still had ten minutes to spare when I got to Cedar Point. The ferry was just coming into the dock. I’ve done this trip for over 25 years but I still don’t like backing onto the ferry. It’s about a twenty minute trip across the bay to the island and then another seven minutes by car to get to the far end of the island where our cottage is situated.P1020672

I arrived around 5:00. Luckily my neighbour’s adult daughter had arrived that day as well and she came over to help me unload the car. She also helped me move the fridge, set up the BBQ and started the pump so I would have water. Everything went well until the pump stopped. No biggie. The gas motor needed more gas. After filling it up we pulled the cord. Nothing! We tried again and again. Nothing! I wasn’t too worried. I always bring two large bottles of water with me for this very reason. We decided to leave it for awhile and give it another go in the morning. Little did we know what an adventure we were about to encounter. More about that tomorrow.