One More Walk On the Beach and Falling on the Rocks

….a sore shin but I saved my phone

On Monday, my daughter, Andrea and I drove up to Christian Island to close the cottage for the winter. I didn’t hold up much hope for good weather because the forecast called for rain. As we drove up in the afternoon we drove through some pretty heavy rainfall but the closer we got to the island the rain stopped and the sun came out. It ended up being a beautiful day.

Before starting to empty the shelves and put away the bedding we decided to take one last walk on the beach. There were all of six people on the entire beach and one brave soul in the water.


The east end of the beach is all rocks and boulders. I was wearing flip flops and just as my daughter said it would probably be best to walk in bare feet I slipped, lost my balance and went down on my side. I landed on the shin that I had hurt earlier in the summer when I slipped on our wet deck and slammed my leg unto the edge of the stairs. It took weeks for that to heal. I was holding my phone at the time and all I could think of was not to let it go or let it hit the rocks. I saved the phone but not before bruising my shin, my left arm and my ego.

The worst part was trying to get up again because the beach isn’t flat and my legs were higher than the rest of my body. I was able to turn over but I was afraid of putting any weight on the shin. After a few embarrassing moments I figured out how to navigate my legs without too much discomfort and pushed myself back up.

While I was down I decided I might as well take a photo of the beach from this low angle because I would never get down that low again. The first shot is the spot where I slipped and the second one was taken when I was down.


After our walk we made dinner and decided to do most of the heavy lifting the next morning. It was cooler in the evening but when we went to bed we actually found it very warm and kicked off the extra blankets that we thought we might need.

The next morning we made coffee and oatmeal before we started to work. After a solid 4 hours of work we finally loaded the car, locked the doors and screwed a sheet of plywood over the door closest to the driveway. We brought the garbage and recycling to the bin at the top of our lane and drove into the village to catch the 1:00 ferry.

On the drive home we decided to treat ourselves to fish and chips from Perkey’s Trailer in Elmvale. Delicious!


Closing the Cottage

….closing the cottage took place later than normal

Traditionally many people close their cottages on the Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. For us this year that date was pushed forward by two weeks.

Our first grandchild was due to arrive on October 4th and we wanted to be close to home when she made her way into the world. As a result we didn’t venture too far from home from October 1st on. ¬†One week after the due date was Thanksgiving, which we spent with our daughter and the following weekend it snowed up north. Snow in mid-October is pretty rare in this part of Canada so we weren’t prepared, physically or emotionally, to drive in 15 cm of snow this early in the year.

Earlier this week we had beautiful weather and all the snow up north had melted away. We left after rush hour and made it up to the ferry dock on time, so we thought, to catch the 11:30 boat. What we didn’t know at that moment was that the schedule had been changed in early September when the kids on the island went back to school in Midland.

A nice young man came over to the car and told us that the next boat wouldn’t be for another two hours so we decided to drive back into Midland and have some lunch. We had Frances with us which meant that we had to find a place where we could eat outside. Luckily it was warm enough to do that and one of my favourite restaurants in town still had their patio tables and chairs outside on the sidewalk.

After a delicious lunch of butternut squash soup and a couple of grilled sandwiches we drove back to the ferry dock where I got out of the car and took a few photos of the surrounding area and gave the dog a little bit of exercise while we waited for the ferry to be loaded.

When we finally got to the cottage we quickly started to do what needed to be done. I stripped all the beds and bagged and stored away all the pillows and blankets. I removed all canned and bottled foods from the cupboards so that they couldn’t freeze over the winter. I removed all paper products from the counters and put them into sealed containers so that the mice that move in couldn’t shred them for bedding materials. My husband brought all the outdoor chairs and tables inside and moved and covered the barbecue. We loaded up the car with the bedding and clothes that needed washing and all the canned food. The last thing we did was board up the door so that the snow couldn’t blow in and to keep the glass window from shattering.

We took one last walk on the beach with the dog, keeping her on the least so that she didn’t go swimming. There’s nothing worse than having to drive for two hours with a wet dog unless of course that dog has been sprayed by a skunk.

We left in good time to catch the 4:00 ferry but when we got down to the loading dock we saw that the ferry was on the other side of the lake. I guess that this scheduled time had been changed as well. When the ferry got closer I could see why the time had been changed. The ferry was loaded with high school children coming home from school.

When we finally got on the ferry we were allowed to drive on, front end first, instead of backing on. What a treat! After 20 minutes on the ferry the car ride home took just over two hours.

Another great summer at Christian Island has come to an end. Thank goodness we were able to close on such a beautiful day.

IMG_6605 IMG_6604

Closing the Cottage – A List of Last Times

….last time for the season that is

On Saturday my husband and I drove to the cottage for the last time this season. It was an absolutely beautiful day but we were on a mission and that was to close the cottage for the season.

Every year we say we’re going to spend more time at the cottage in the fall but it never seems to happen. This year we closed extra early because of my husband’s upcoming surgery.

As we were cleaning up and packing the car we both wished that we were staying for more than the day but I had a run to do with my daughter in the city on Sunday and there was no way that we could get back in time if we stayed over night.

We packed a nice lunch which we enjoyed on the deck; our last meal at the cottage for the season. K and Frances went for a walk on the beach; the last one for the season. The closing of the cottage went smoothly and without any drama or complications. After screwing the plywood over the back door we made one last drive to the garbage bins and headed over to the top of the hill and got out of the car to take a few pictures of the fall colours. Unfortunately the colours will probably we better next week but we had to make due with the changes that were presented to us. We’ll probably take a drive, closer to home in the next week to take advantage of the autumn colours at their best.

When we got to the dock I backed the car onto the ferry for the last time this year and once we got to the other side we stopped off in Lafontaine and enjoyed a coffee at Wendy B’s. Her little shop/bakery was always a must stop destination before heading to the ferry docks.

Another stop on most of my trips to the cottage was the Dubeau Family Farm where I would stop to pick up fresh berries, beans, corn and other vegetables and fruits that were in season. On Saturday’s visit (the last one for the season) the pumpkins were on display. In a couple of weeks there will be 10 times that number. I took a chance and bought my pumpkin early and for the last time this season handed over my money to Jason, the young man who has lovingly bagged my purchases all summer.