Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Reflections

….thanks to Cee for hosting CFFC https://ceenphotography.com/2021/11/23/cffc-reflections-or-shadows/

With all the glass high rises in the city I knew that these photos with the reflective mirrors would come in handy.


Bird Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections

…..thanks to Lisa Coleman for hosting Bird Weekly Photo Challenge –https://oureyesopen.blog/2021/03/26/bird-weekly-photo-challenge-reflections-of-birds/

For week 41 Lisa has asked us to look for bird photos with their reflections.


A Photo a Week Challenge – Reflection

….since there is no new challenge this week I decided to go back to Nancy Merrill’s blog and check out which challenge I’d missed

The challenge that I missed was ReflectionIMG-3608


Reflecting on this Past Year

…..today I’m officially a senior citizen

There has to be a better designation than senior citizen when you turn 65. I know there are many perks when you reach this age but it also comes with labels such as golden oldie, old fart, grandma, oldster, senior, geezer, geriatric, old-timer and blue hair. Even though I’m a proud grandmother to Winnie I don’t feel old.


I look back on this past year and am proud of what I’ve done and happy to have such amazing friends and a wonderful family. I knew that this was the year to retire from teaching. I still loved the job but there were days when I was just plain tired and sometimes I didn’t feel that I fit in anymore. I didn’t want to be one of those crotchety old teachers that criticized younger teachers for doing things differently.  Sometimes I didn’t like what went on but I wanted to leave on a happy note so I kept quiet for the most part. The only people I would share my views with were people closer to my age and those who were also retiring. I have to admit that some of my favourite teachers were those much younger than me. I loved their humour and zest for life.


Of course the students are what kept me going as a teacher. They weren’t always easy to teach and over the years the job grew increasingly more difficult but in the end the love and gratitude I received in the form of cards, art work, letters of appreciation and countless hugs made it all worthwhile.

This past year I’ve seen my own children continue to grow into responsible and amazing adults. They are all married now and our one and only grandchild is growing like a weed. She is my pride and joy.  Last night she kept saying Oma birthday, Oma birthday while rolling around in her crib. She clearly knows everyone in the family now and can say everyone’s name. She picks up at least 10 new words every day and we have to be so careful what we say in front of her.

My retirement is not quite working out the way I thought it would. I was hoping to do more travelling but it is still early days. Last May my father moved into our house. At 90 he’s still very independent but we’re a little worried about leaving him for too long. So far the longest we’ve left him alone is four days. We’re hoping to travel to London, England in November to visit with our son before he leaves to live in New York City in the coming year. Someone recently asked me if Dad was coming with us. We’ve tried to convince him to make at least one more trip to Germany to visit his brother. It looks like that won’t happen for at least another year, God willing, and I’m not sure if a trip to London would be in the cards for him as well. We’ll have to wait and see.

So as I turn 65 today I can honestly say that I’ve had a wonderful life. Now I look forward to my next adventure and hopefully I’ve inherited my father’s genes so that I can enjoy the next 30 years of my life with the same joie de vivre.

WFC – Reflections

…..reflecting on how much I’ve missed not being able to post my photographs for the last two weeks

While searching for the perfect medicine cabinet for my father I took several photographs before deciding on one that would work. In the end none of these were chosen.


Reflections on What I’m Thankful For….

…. as the Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close

It’s been a wonderful weekend with family and friends. I have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to.

I’m thankful for:

• the support and love of my 3 adult children and their significant others

My son is coming home for 4 days this month – something else I’m thankful for.

Thanksgiving dinner at our house.

• for being able to celebrate my father’s 86th birthday this weekend

• for my husband’s renewed health and the strength to fight his cancer

Celebrating the end of K’s cancer treatment.

Middle sister, CJ and baby sister, CS

• for the love of my sisters and the open communication we have regardless of the miles that separate us

• for the freedom to spend time with my friends

• for my new healthier body and the commitment I have to keep going on my weight loss journey

• for having a job that I love

• for a roof over my head, food at the table, clothes on my back and the freedom to voice my opinion

• for this new adventure called blogging and all the new people I’m meeting as a result – it’s literally opened the doors to the world for me

…. and finally

I’m thankful for 37 wonderful years with my husband and best friend. We have our ups and downs like many couples but it’s mostly ups and when it’s good it’s great.

My new favourite picture of the two of us.