A Happy Accident

….this happened when I tried to get a photo of the moon and failed

After taking Photography 201 I was hoping I was better prepared to take shots of the full moon. If it hadn’t been so cold I might have persevered with different setting and tried again. Instead I sat on the park bench and turned the camera towards the city skyline. As I held the shutter down I could tell that something different than normal was happening but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. At least I knew that the camera was taking pictures.

When I got home I realized that the shutter was open for a full 10 seconds.

A few days ago in my on-line art class with Carla Sonheim, we were instructed to take artistic shots of bright lights. I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Fast forward to the night of the full moon. I got my artistic light shots without even knowing it. Here they are:


WPC – It’s Not This Time of Year Without….

….what comes to mind when you think of this time of year?

Here are a few things that I associate with December:

Santa Claus Parades

Homes decked out with lights and decorations

Christmas suppers with friends

Christmas trees

Children’s Concerts

More Decorations

What would you include in ‘It’s not this time of year without‘?

First Big Snowfall of the Season

…..the cold and blowing winds and treacherous driving conditions has kept us in most of the day

Early this morning I woke to a light dusting of snow on the ground and once again I thought the weatherman had gotten it wrong. For several days the weather station had been forecasting the season’s first big snow storm, starting Friday night. Later in the morning, however, the snow started to come down heavily and the winds picked up. We had to drive to a friends house to pick up my purse that I had left behind the night before and there was no way that my husband wanted to stop for tea or make a side trip to a store to do a little shopping. The driving was difficult and the radio was reporting on a 50 car pile-up on the highway.

Tonight I took a few shots from the front door.P1030881 The snow seemed to be slowing down and our dog, Frances, was whining to go outside, despite the fact that my husband had taken her out 15 minutes earlier. I put on my parka, mittens and boots, grabbed my camera, put on her leash and braved the elements.P1030880

It was evident, early on, that Frances wanted more than a quick pee. She pulled and jumped into the deep snow and headed for the park. Seeing that I was warmly dressed, I obliged her and trudged through the snow laden sidewalks towards the park. There have been some sitings of coyotes in the neighbourhood (yes, we have coyotes in Toronto) so I wasn’t comfortable letting her off the leash. She was having so much fun that we continued our walk for several blocks before heading home. It looks like we’re not quite finished with the snow as it came down even heavier during our walk.

I did manage to take a few more pictures…..not an easy task with one hand on a leash and a very playful dog on the end of it.P1030888


I love these lights. If I ever see the owners I'll have to ask them where they got them.

I love these lights. If I ever see the owners I’ll have to ask them where they got them.