A Photo a Week Challenge – Reflection

….since there is no new challenge this week I decided to go back to Nancy Merrill’s blog and check out which challenge I’d missed

The challenge that I missed was ReflectionIMG-3608


WFC – Reflections

…..reflecting on how much I’ve missed not being able to post my photographs for the last two weeks

While searching for the perfect medicine cabinet for my father I took several photographs before deciding on one that would work. In the end none of these were chosen.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

….. the full length mirror at the gym is a painful reminder that I have a way to go on my weight loss journey

I’ve lost over 30 pounds and even with a high number of social events that I’ve attended in the last three weeks, surgery, and the stress of an impending strike I’ve managed to keep the weight off. The problem is I’ve become complacent and content with my new body and  friends are beginning to tell me not to lose too much more weight. They fear my face will become drawn out and I’ll start to look my age.

I have to admit that I like how I look in my clothes; I like the compliments; I’m happier and I feel good. The reality, however, is that I’m far from my ideal weight and BMI and my waist measurement needs to decrease by at least six inches to be in the heart healthy zone.

Last week I started going to the gym on a regular basis and I’ve had 4 of my 6 sessions with a personal trainer. Over the years I’ve learned how to wear clothes; accentuate the positive and hide the bad. Workout clothes, however, show all the bumps and lumps and rolls of fat and with full lengths mirrors everywhere in the gym it’s plain to see that I’m not finished with my weight loss journey.

I know that my friends are well meaning but I think that I can lose more weight without looking haggard and drawn out. The last time I lost this much weight I stopped and gradually started to gain it all back despite a promise to myself that I would never regain those 40 pounds. I gained back 37 pounds before I started on this journey again.

Why is it different this time? My approach has been more balanced. I’m not only working on making healthy food choices but I’m also moving more. I’m more concerned about my overall health and fitness level. I don’t want to go into old age with aches and pains and weight related diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. I’m already noticing differences. My tendinitis in my left ankle hardly ever bothers me anymore. I used to suffer daily and had to wear orthopaedic insoles. I haven’t worn them in months. Yoga is so much easier now, although I still don’t like child’s pose. The last pair of shoes I bought were a half size smaller than I normally wear and some of my size 16 pants are starting to look a little baggy. The last time  I was this weight I was still a size 18 and the jeans that I bought back then are definitely too big.

Even though the weight is the same as it was 20 years ago, my body is smaller. I have to credit my walking and running for the difference. I definitely have more muscle and as we all know muscle weighs more than fat. My weight hasn’t moved much in the last two months but people constantly comment on how much smaller I appear to be.

The mirrors in the gym have given me the incentive I need to continue on my journey.