WPC – My Place in the World is Near Water

….thanks to WordPress for this week’s photo challenge Place in the World

People assumed that I would move when I retired. That’s other peoples’ dreams, not mine. So often I hear people say they want to move to the country, get out of the city. I’ve known some people who have done that but moved back to the city within a few years. I live close to downtown Toronto but I’m right by Lake Ontario and I’m surrounded by parkland. If I want to go into the city to catch a show or go to museum or art gallery I’m only a 20 minute car drive away or a short trip on the subway. When I want to go hiking or biking I just have to step outside my door and get on the Waterfront Trail. I have the best of both worlds.

I’ve always loved living close to the water and I love my city, Toronto.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Motion

….this week’s WP photo challenge involves motion

My photos for this challenge include Lucy running towards us, a swan stretching his wings, a ride in mid-air at the CNE, a wind surfer, a young boy skipping a stone while his father fishes and seagulls scrambling for bits of food.

A Word a Week Photograph Challenge – Float

…..thanks to Sue Llewellyn for this week’s word ‘float’

This week’s photos use the word float as a verb and a noun, from floating in the air, on water and marching down the street as a parade float.

photo 4-116 IMG_2850 IMG_2854 photo 2-215