Thursday Doors – Ancaster Mill

….thanks to Norm for hosting Thursday Doors

This week I celebrated another birthday. They seem to come faster every year. My husband had to make a trip to Hamilton for a quick medical procedure so I went with him. When he was done he surprised me by driving to Ancaster to treat me to a wonderful lunch at the Ancaster Mill. It was a very easy and short trip from the hospital and the scenery along the way was beautiful.

The Ancaster Mill is situated beside a creek, with a large dining room built out overlooking the falls. It is the third oldest building in Ontario and has quite the history. Check it out here. IMG-3506

The mill is situated on a hill to take advantage of the waterfall so walking from the parking lot to the restaurant can be an issue for people with mobility problems. There is, however, a driveway by the doors to the main entrance where passengers can be dropped off.IMG-3530

Before our lunch we walked around the grounds for a few minutes before heading up the stairs past the mill.IMG-3493

After a very delicious lunch we continued up another set of stairs to check out the new wedding chapel and pergola that was still under construction.IMG-3518

I can’t recommend the mill any more highly for a special occasion or splurge. It’s well worth the drive from anywhere in the Golden Horseshoe area or GTA.

A Few More Shots From Venice

…. even though we only stayed two days I seem to have many more photos to share

It was hard to squeeze in everything in two days, in fact it was impossible. Taking tours was out of the question. I was just happy to see many of the must see places first hand. On our second day we toured the Grand Canal, San Marco and the Rialto Bridge (under construction). We drank cappuccino at the famous Caffe Florian (inside because it was much cheaper and just as delicious), walked past the Doge’s Palace and the Bridge of Sighs, walked through the Campo Santa Margherita and had lunch at a fabulous bistro, La Zucca, near the Rialto Bridge that specialized in vegetarian and pumpkin dishes.

Piazza San Marco and Caffe Florian

Sites Along the Grand Canal

Rialto Bridge, Markets and La Zucca