Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Morning Rituals

thanks to Sandy for hosting this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

My morning ritual changes depending on the time of year and where I am. The one constant, though, is my morning coffee.

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The Ugly Side of Cleaning the Parks: Part 3

…now that I’ve completed my 30 days I can share the highs and lows of trash collecting

In yesterday’s post I shared with you some of the fun and more interesting things that we’ve collected on our 30 Clean-up Challenge. Back in early May, my neighbour Trish gave herself a 30 Day Challenge to clean our neighbourhood parks. I joined her on Day 3 and we pretty much went out every day for about 1 1/2 to two hours with our empty plastic grocery bags (for awhile we weren’t allowed to used our reusable bags in the grocery stores because of COVID 19) and on average we filled about eight of those bags during each trip. After a couple of weeks had to put out a call for more bags because we ran out. Several of our friends and neighbours happily gave us their extra ones.

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You might wonder where all this trash was coming from. Here’s the ugly truth. Most of the garbage in the parks and on the beaches and between the rocks was deliberately left behind. It wasn’t washed ashore by the waves. It was there because people were too lazy or inconsiderate, or both to walk 20 steps to a garbage bin. The garbage consisted of coffee cups, pop cans, beer cans and bottles, fast food wrappers and pizza boxes and empty cigarette boxes. Don’t even get me started on the cigarette butts that are littered around park benches and tossed to the curb from people’s cars.

Most people are picking up after their dogs but then some of them toss the full poop bag to the side of the pathways instead of using the park bins. Some of the other things that we’ve found are used condoms, a few syringes (luckily no needles), plastic baggies, fireworks canisters and golf and tennis balls.

A lot of the coffee cups and fast food containers come from the food chains in the neighbourhood. The biggest offenders are Tim Horton’s, McDonalds, Popeyes, Burger King and StarBucks. We’re trying to figure out a way to work with them to reduce the amount of waste from their products and ways to encourage their customers to be more responsible.89-BE0799-E0-BE-4-F48-98-D1-98-E79-B45-D9-ED

In the next instalment of our 30 Day Clean-up Challenge I will talk about the hazards of picking up trash.

Fun Family Day

….last weekend was a long weekend here in Ontario to celebrate Family Day

Family Day has become a tradition in our family where food takes centre stage. This year my husband and youngest daughter thought it would be fun to have a soup exchange. So in three households three different soups were prepared and ladled into containers for sharing.

Four of us drove to Hamilton where Gaelan had a lovely lunch of roast chicken, mashed sweet potatoes and broccoli ready to serve. Andrea and Josie brought a yummy salad and my husband volunteered to pick up the gourmet donuts from San Remo.


Winnie and I were the only two that won a prize in the Tim Horton’s Roll up the Rim contest. We both won a cup of coffee which we handed over to our hostess.

Shiver Me Timbits

….Day 139 of 365 Days of Art

My granddaughter picks up language so quickly and sometimes she takes expressions and changes them for her amusement. I guess she must have heard the saying ‘shiver me timbers’ and she changed it to ‘shiver me Timbits’. For those of you who aren’t Canadian a Timbit is a small round doughnut or doughnut hole sold at the Tim Horton’s Coffee chain.

I took her expression and attempted to draw a box of ‘cold, shivering Timbits’.fullsizeoutput_7074

A Gift….a Beautiful Day in November

….. November 11th, Remembrance Day

As we prepared to go for our walk this morning we had no idea how beautiful a day it would be. The sun was shining and the temperature was warm. Here are a few of the sites we experienced on our walk.

A new Tim Horton's at Humber College

I know that you may think posting a Tim Horton’s sign is odd but we’ve been waiting for months for this place to open. Being able to pick up a coffee on our early morning walks is a special treat, especially since this location is right in the middle of the college where we walk every day.

Kevin and Frances

“Hurry up and finish that coffee, Carol!”

Fall BerriesPath through the Park

Flat top tree

I pass this tree every day. Today was the first time I noticed what an unusual shape it has.November Rose

In front of Johnny's house
A few final blooms.

Beautiful purple bloom