Crazy Hats, Wacky Welcome Mats and Fun Birdhouses

….all this and more at Canada Blooms

It was fun walking around the flower show. There were lots of unexpected displays like these unusual hats.P1070531

I think my favourite display apart from the flowers themselves were these cute birdhouses.P1070533
When I hear the term welcome mat I always picture something at your front door that you actually step on as you cross the threshold. These beauties clearly were not designed to be stepped on.IMG-1424

When I’m Not Drawing

….I’m knitting

I’m loving my collage class but sometimes I just need a change of pace. A while back I started a hat for my daughter and I had wool left over so I decided to knit a matching hat for her daughter (my granddaughter). I wasn’t sure there would be enough wool and it did look a tad small when I finished. I opted not to attach the pompom until I made sure it was going to fit.

Yesterday we drove to Hamilton to celebrate our Family Day. I presented Winnie with her hat and it just fit. Of course she wanted the pompom so I got out my sewing needle and promptly attached it.IMG-1007

My Local Farmers’ Market

…..buying locally grown, preserved and baked food at the Farmers’ Market in my neighbourhood

This week’s theme for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge is local

How to Stay Cool in Italy

….when people tell you it’s hot in Italy in the summer….believe them

We knew going to Italy in July that it would be very warm. Everyone who had been there before us warned us over and over again. One thing that we made sure of was to book accommodations that had air conditioning. Here is my list of how to stay cool in Italy in July.

  1. Stay only in air-conditioned hotel rooms or homes with air-conditioning.IMG_9456
  2. Drink lots of water.
  3. Walk in shady areas and underneath porticos if you can find them. They were everywhere in Bologna.IMG_9291
  4. When eating outside make sure you’re under an umbrella and preferably next to water.IMG_8954
  5. Spend time in the mountains (the Dolomites) or high up in the hills of Assisi.

    6. Always wear a hat.IMG_91427. Cool off in the sink, shower or pool.

    8. Sit or stand by a fountain.

    9. Spend time in an air-conditioned museum or find an old dark cathedral to sit in.

    10. Enjoy a gelato.

    11. Cover yourself in yogurt.IMG_9487

    11. Find a shady park and sit or lie down for a spell.

    12. Enjoy an icy glass of  Aperol spritz or Prosecco. IMG_8945

    I hope these suggestions are helpful. Enjoy!

A Photo a Week Challenge-Stripes

….they say that stripes are worn by very organized people but if worn in the wrong direction they can also emphasis areas of your body that you should probably minimize

Here’s my tribute to stripes. For more photos featuring stripes go to  Nadia Merrill Photography.