Thursday Trios – Trios at the Art Gallery

join the fun and post your own collection of Trios….any subject as long as there are three in one photo


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Textures in Art – Tuesday Textures on Wednesday

….everything is late this week due to family visiting from out of town and getting ready for Dad‘s memorial

At the McMichael Gallery last week my daughter and I saw some great textures in art. The first was a huge boulder that was carved by:

Bill Vazan (born 1933), Shibagau Shard, 1989
Granite, On loan from the artist

Constructed from a single piece of Pre-Cambrian Shield granite, Shibagau credits the small creek in eastern Ontario where the stone was found, while Shard makes reference to the science of archaeology. Using modern sandblasting technology, Vazan, who studied the inscribed petroglyphs and pictographs of the First Nations of southern Ontario, has emulated the mark-making of stone-carving tools employed by Canada‚Äôs original inhabitants, making reference to ancient methods of documenting human interaction with the land. (copied from the McMichael Gallery website)


I’ll most more textures in art next week when things calm down a bit around here.

Macro Monday – September 27, 2021

….finds outside the art gallery

The McMichael Canadian Art Collection Gallery is situated in the middle of a wooded paradise. It is surrounded by trees, plants and nature trails. The perfect place for nature close-ups.