Friendly Friday – Balconies

…thanks to Amanda for hosting this week’s Friendly Friday

From Venice, Italy to Buckingham Palace in London and everything in between.




A Wonderful Memory Turned Sour This Week

….disturbing news leaves a bad taste in our mouths

Last week my husband and I took a wonderful trip to Prince Edward County. One of the things that my husband wanted to do was experience the pizza at one of the more famous wineries in the area. On the first day we discovered that the pizza oven was not prepped for baking and we would have to come back the next day. No problem. We would return the next day. In the meantime we sampled some of their excellent wines.

The next day we were so busy that we didn’t make it back and instead had pizza at another winery. It was okay but we’d had better elsewhere. At the end of that day we were talking to one of the locals and they highly recommended the pizza from the winery that we originally wanted to try.

On the day we were leaving my husband decided that we should go back to the first winery before we headed back to Toronto and have lunch there. We weren’t disappointed and enjoyed some of the best pizza we’ve ever eaten. The staff was very friendly and the atmosphere was very welcoming and comforting. We had no idea that there was anything wrong.


A couple of days ago we heard on the news that the owner of the winery has been accused of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. He admitted that many of  the accusations were true but says some weren’t. I feel sad about the situation, not for the owner, but for the victims and the all the wonderful staff and employees at the winery and restaurant. You know that their jobs will be affected by the news. People will stay away and Quebec and the LCBO are withdrawing his wines from their shelves and will not reorder.

Thank you to the staff for giving us a wonderful dining experience. If you are directly affected by the unwanted behaviour of your boss we thank you for your bravery for speaking up and hope that the healing has begun.

Carol and Kevin Cormier

Want to Buy a Winery?

….do you ever dream of owning something way beyond your means?

This past week when we were touring the different wineries in Prince Edward County we came across one of the oldest wineries in the region. By Chadsey’s Cairn Winery produces wines only from locally grown grapes, no blending with Niagara grapes here.


We know nothing about growing grapes or making wine but we know what we like and we loved the wines from this old vineyard. The tasting room is a converted apple house with a walk out deck overlooking vines on the west side of the property.IMG_2668

If we won the lottery and if the whole family was willing to pull up roots and move we’d definitely look into purchasing this place. It’s been on the market for awhile so I think that the owners are looking for the right buyer who would maintain the integrity of the place and continue to produce excellent wine. One can only dream…….