Lens Artists Photo Challenge – Going Back

thanks to John Steiner for hosting this week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge

I think we all appreciate photo challenges that don’t require going outside of our homes during this pandemic. We certainly aren’t travelling to exotic places but we can look back on trips we took in the past. Here are a few of my favourite trips over the last few years.

Venice, ItalyCC9-CA7-C4-A467-41-B1-BB7-D-56534-A2-AAD6-D-1-201-a

Florence, Italy

Assisi, Italy

Rome, Italy

Prince Edward County

London, England

On the Hunt for Joy Challenge – Week 7 – Make Yourself Feel Small

….thanks to Cee for hosting On the Hunt for Joy Challenge

What makes you feel small? Standing under a very tall tree, sitting inside a very large church, looking up at a dinosaur or sitting in an oversized chair?


One Word Photo Challenge – Horse

….. thanks to Jennifer Nicole Wells  

For this week’s photo challenge Jennifer chose the word Horse. Last summer I photographed a number of horses in Italy. They were all in large public squares and were obviously working horses.


Travel Theme: Hills

….thanks to Where’s My Backpack for this week’s travel theme

From the hills that surround Florence to the hillside town of Assisi we were either looking up at the hills or we were on the hill looking down and across at more hills. Italy has an abundance of hills.