Sculpture Garden at the Huff Winery

thanks to Marsha for hosting the Photographing Public Art Challenge

Yesterday, my husband and I spent the day in Prince Edward County and one the places we went to was Oeno Gallery at the Huff Estate Winery and Inn. We thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the lovely art inside the gallery and we noticed that a few more sculptures had been added to the garden outside. After speaking to one of the curators of the gallery we found out that the sculpture garden had grown immensely since our last visit. He was very proud to tell us that they now have over 100 sculptures in the garden.

When we went back outside we walked around to the back of the gallery and sure enough there were sculptures far and wide in the massive gardens that surround the estate. I would have liked to have taken photos of all of them but I decided that I would take more photos on our next visit. I have enough photos for the next three or four weeks so I’ve decided to spread them out.


12 thoughts on “Sculpture Garden at the Huff Winery

  1. These are fabulous, Carol. Which is your favorite? The cube sort of awed me with its size. I had to smile at the man standing on the circle statue. It reminded me of pictures I took years ago of good times with the History Gals, my social science friends, in Palm Desert. But we were the statues inside the circle. I’ll have to use that as a PPAC one of these days. Thanks for linking, my friend! 🙂

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