To Feed or Not to Feed the Birds?….that is the question

….feeding bread to birds seems to stem from an old European tradition

When my Dad was still alive I remember he used to save up his stale bread to feed to the ducks and geese down by the lake. I never gave it much thought until I started to read the warnings about feeding waterfowl who live in the wild. Apparently bread is very bad for them because it can prevent birds from getting the nutrients they need to thrive because bread fills them up. Also, moldy, bread can be dangerous to birds and can pose a number of health problems for them. If the chunks of bread are too large, they can actually block the digestive tract. A regular diet of bread products fed to waterfowl can cause serious harm and even be fatal.

I came across a group of people feeding the birds down by the beach. Although I don’t agree with the practice it did give me an opportunity to get some interesting shots.


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge – Week 9

….it was such an honour to be one of three blogs featured for last week’s challenge

This week I’ve chosen three photos that I took when I was in Calgary back in March. We took a walk downtown and my sister and brother-in-law took us to a couple of their favourite gift/art stores. They were full of wonderful works of art and artifacts from all over the world. Here are three of my favourite pieces; an odd looking duck, a painting of a steer done on metal and a sculpture made from water bottles.

photo 4-65 photo 4-99 photo 3-105 photo 5-60




Walking, Waves, Water Foul and Wildflowers

…..I got up early enough to join my husband and Frances for our daily 5k walk

As you can see I’m not at the cottage. I decided to go see my doctor yesterday (yes, he was working on Canada Day) and get the results from my blood work. I’m happy to report that all the major things were in the good range (cholesterol, sugar levels, etc.). So why am I not on my way to cottage today, you may ask?

Last night my friend, D, called my from Christian Island and told me that she and her husband were coming home today and going back next weekend. I decided that there was no big hurry to get up to the cottage, seeing that I would be mostly alone, so instead I’m going into school today to clean up my library/art office. I was going to go in next week but I think I’m going to be too busy getting ready for our trip to Ireland.

After a quick cup of coffee, the three of us headed out on our walk. I almost always take my camera with me and today was no exception. I love the macro function on the camera and it came in handy today as I got down nice and close to the tiny wildflowers that we pass on our walk. Part of my walk turned in a run today because every time I stopped to take a picture I had to run to catch up to K and Frances.


ImageP1020615 P1020638 P1020641 P1020635 P1020637

The morning started out a bit overcast and there was a slight wind. If you saw the waves on the lake you might have thought there were gail force winds but not so. A few metres inland the pond was as still as ice.

P1020642 P1020649 P1020652 P1020657

This last shot is my favourite. As I zoomed into the these mini thistles I didn’t notice the blur of activity that was taking place on the stems of these plants.

P1020654 P1020656


I’d better get to school before the morning completely disappears. Till later!