A Photo a Week – At Play

…thanks to Nancy Merrill for hosting¬†A Photo a Week

My granddaughter and her second cousin got together last week and all seemed to go well as they chased each other around the room, giggling and laughing as they ran. That is until he caught her and accidentally pushed her into the wall. I could tell that it hurt and it took a few minutes of mommy cuddles to calm her down. The two cousins continued to play but the age difference of two years clearly affected how they played. My granddaughter is four and her cousin is two. She was fascinated with his computer game and he didn’t want her to play with it. He liked her stuffed toy but preferred to throw it around. I’m sure as they get older they’ll have more in common. Time will tell.DEAEAB38-06A4-4085-AC77-B87BDC8F2F8B440F3AA0-2CAB-4B12-A3AC-056ADA3431E35F21CC92-0EF2-4880-8890-E634ED3559C2

Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge – Cousins Rock

….thanks to Xingfu Mama for hosting¬†Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge

This is my granddaughter with her older cousin from her father’s side of the family. Thanks to my daughter for sending me this photo.0e7cf1cc-6241-456f-8a97-f051ed749350

Highlights of My Trip to Ireland

….my most memorable moments

Time Spent With the Irish Cousins


Checking out Dublin With Our Son

IMG_0088 IMG_0109 P1020794 P1020803

Meeting Our Son’s Beautiful Girlfriend

IMG_0093 IMG_0137 P1020792

Our Trip to Westport

P1020767 IMG_0204 P1020776 IMG_0223

Our Day at Howth

P1020801 IMG_0253 IMG_0259 IMG_0249

The Museums, Art Galleries and Beautiful Gardens

P1020750 imageIMG_0154 P1020797IMG_0335 IMG_0338 IMG_0346


Spending Time With My Wonderful Husband

IMG_0090 imageIMG_0095 IMG_0131 IMG_0181


….and Finally, Finding a Good Cup of ‘Coffee’ in Ireland¬†(something we had a hard time finding 9 years ago)

P1020804 IMG_0072


I’m Back Home

….after two glorious weeks in Ireland

We just got off the plane a little over two hours ago. I went through all the mail, threw away things in the fridge that I should have tossed before we left (yuck!!!), picked some vegetables from the garden and charged up my laptop. I’ve really missed the laptop. The iPad was okay but it gave me a lot of grief when I tried to keep up with my blog. I think I will write a critique about using an iPad when on vacation.

I’m anxious to upload the photos from my camera. I wasn’t able to do that with the iPad. I’ve a lot of wonderful moments and photos to share. Give me some time to sort myself out here at home (friends to phone, family to visit, and laundry to do) and I need to organize my thoughts and not repeat things that I have already posted.

First thing I need to do is go to the drug store and see if I can get some over the counter medication for pink eye. My poor husband managed to pick up a nasty case of it on his last day in Ireland; how or where he contacted it we’re not sure but I don’t want it. Poor Mr. Burgerhead. Don’t ask. It’s a name his cousin’s sons came up with after we spent some time with them. K actually loves the nickname and we miss the boys already.IMG_0355 IMG_0085

Ireland, here we come!

…..we bought our tickets yesterday

We’re really hoping that our son will be able to meet the Irish side of the family. Maybe we should have checked with the family before we booked our flight but we had to coordinate our time in Ireland with our son’s conference in Dublin. Well actually it’s his girlfriend’s conference but that’s neither here nor there. They will be arriving on the 14th of July and leaving the 21st and 22nd. Our son is staying one extra day to spend a little more time with us.

We will land in Dublin on the 12th and will be leaving on the 25th. We’re not sure where we’re staying but our son and his girlfriend have booked a room at a hotel. We don’t want to burden anyone so we’re in the process of checking out AirBnB.

We’re hoping to take in some art galleries. Maybe some of my Irish followers can suggest a gallery or two. We’re definitely going to check out the Royal Hibernian Academy, the National Gallery of Ireland, the Museum of Natural History and the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

It doesn’t look like we’re going to get over to Germany on this trip. Sorry Philipp. My family will have to wait until next year before we can visit. We’re looking forward to catching up with the Irish cousins. Hopefully some of them will be in town when we’re there.