Highlights of My Trip to Ireland

….my most memorable moments

Time Spent With the Irish Cousins


Checking out Dublin With Our Son

IMG_0088 IMG_0109 P1020794 P1020803

Meeting Our Son’s Beautiful Girlfriend

IMG_0093 IMG_0137 P1020792

Our Trip to Westport

P1020767 IMG_0204 P1020776 IMG_0223

Our Day at Howth

P1020801 IMG_0253 IMG_0259 IMG_0249

The Museums, Art Galleries and Beautiful Gardens

P1020750 imageIMG_0154 P1020797IMG_0335 IMG_0338 IMG_0346


Spending Time With My Wonderful Husband

IMG_0090 imageIMG_0095 IMG_0131 IMG_0181


….and Finally, Finding a Good Cup of ‘Coffee’ in Ireland (something we had a hard time finding 9 years ago)

P1020804 IMG_0072


7 thoughts on “Highlights of My Trip to Ireland

    • Thank you Rosemarie. It was also a good way to show a few photos that I couldn’t fit in elsewhere and it really brings home the purpose of the trip: to spend time with family, meet up with my son, meet his girlfriend and spend some quality time with my husband.


    • Dorothy I’ve been thinking about creating a photo journal of the trip. I did that after our trip to the Netherlands and I do love going through it every now and then. I’ll have to do it soon or I’ll get too busy once I’m back at school. I might just do an album right off the computer.


      • One of your shots has what looks like a dresser in the background. It’s given me an idea for a post. Must remember it. Yes, put something together so you can look back and cheer yourself up on miserable winter days.


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