Ireland, here we come!

…..we bought our tickets yesterday

We’re really hoping that our son will be able to meet the Irish side of the family. Maybe we should have checked with the family before we booked our flight but we had to coordinate our time in Ireland with our son’s conference in Dublin. Well actually it’s his girlfriend’s conference but that’s neither here nor there. They will be arriving on the 14th of July and leaving the 21st and 22nd. Our son is staying one extra day to spend a little more time with us.

We will land in Dublin on the 12th and will be leaving on the 25th. We’re not sure where we’re staying but our son and his girlfriend have booked a room at a hotel. We don’t want to burden anyone so we’re in the process of checking out AirBnB.

We’re hoping to take in some art galleries. Maybe some of my Irish followers can suggest a gallery or two. We’re definitely going to check out the Royal Hibernian Academy, the National Gallery of Ireland, the Museum of Natural History and the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

It doesn’t look like we’re going to get over to Germany on this trip. Sorry Philipp. My family will have to wait until next year before we can visit. We’re looking forward to catching up with the Irish cousins. Hopefully some of them will be in town when we’re there.


5 thoughts on “Ireland, here we come!

    • My husband and I were there 10 years ago and we loved it as well. K has family there so it was great meeting everyone. Both our daughters have been there but it is the one place in his travels that my son hasn’t been to. We’re looking forward to sharing his Irish experience with him.


  1. Make sure you visit the AVOCA store…it is divine. I am wearing a scarf today that I bought there years ago. When you have your first glass of guiness scratch your initials into the foam on top and they should last the whole way down if it’s a good one 🙂


    • We saw the Ring of Kerry the last time we were in Ireland. It was such a beautiful day that the bus driver stopped to buy a camera because he had never seen it so sunny and clear.


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