Thursday Trios – Beware of Threes

some threes, like the three leaves on poison ivy can be very problematic if you tough them


Apart from the poison ivy there is no impending danger from the other two photos, unless, however, you were to help yourself to one of the pairs of shoes that were openly displayed at the edge of someone’s front lawn. They looked like they were put out for people to take but how would you feel if someone accused you of stealing them?

Do you have any interesting photos of trios? Join the fun. Copy the link from this post and paste it into your own post and I should get a pingback.

First Ice-cream of the Summer

…on Tuesday this week when we had the hottest day of the summer so far

On Tuesday I decided to drive through High Park and stop and take some photos of the flowers. The flowers were a bit disappointing. I think the gardeners were more focused on the Gypsy Moths that were defoliating much of the trees in the park. I’m happy to report that the mess on the roads that my husband experienced the week before had been resolved and the only evidence that there had been a problem was the sparse canopy in the wooded areas. Normally this time of year the trees are very lush and full but this year the caterpillars had quite a feast and there was a lot of light coming through the trees.

I quickly realized that the heat was going to be a problem but then I noticed that the ice-cream vendor was open and I decided to purchase my first ice-cream of the season.


I enjoyed my treat in a nice shady area but I soon realized once I started walking that ice-cream on a hot day doesn’t necessarily cool you down and it actually makes you more thirsty.

Wacky Bird Wednesday – July 7, 2021

….just in time for Thursday Trios as well

My husband wasn’t particularly pleased with his most recent post for Monster Monday so he tried to play around with more art techniques and decided to add more detail for this week’s Wacky Bird. Well as you can see his Wacky Bird turned into three wacky birds.