Hint of Spring in February

…not all of February was cold and snowy

Last weekend we had beautiful weather that brought the walkers, dogs and photographers out in droves. I think people knew that more snow and colder temperatures were on their way so they took advantage of the cleared paths, sun and warmer climes.050-C6016-EFC2-43-FC-BCA4-EF096425-C551-1-201-a

The Beauty and Power of Lake Ontario

….caught these images in a two hour window of sunshine today

Lake Ontario sits about 100 metres from my house. After a miserable day of rain yesterday and grey skies this morning the sun decided to come out. It was a glorious period of time, although short and I managed to get some photos of the lake as the waves crashed along the shoreline. I also managed to get in a two hour walk through the neighbourhood and explored some areas that I had never seen before (more about that in another post).

A Photo a Week Challenge – Sunshine

…thanks to Nancy Merrill for hosting A Photo a Week Challenge

It seems like we haven’t seen too much sunshine as of late but between blizzards last Wednesday the sun did come out for a brief spell.IMG-1858


….hooray, hooray!!!!

Today was the first day in a long time that I was able to go for a long walk and actually take photos. It was cold but the sun was so bright and beautiful that I hardly felt it. I managed to get in an extra 3000 steps and now only have another 4500 to meet my goal of 10 000 steps a day. I’ve been very bad as of late. I’ve just wanted to hunker down and veg in front of the TV or my computer screen.

Here are a few of the shots that I managed to take today.

The best part of the walk was that for the first time in almost two months I was able to take Frances with me. This is the farthest she’s walked with me willingly without my husband at our sides. Hopefully she’s turned a corner and I’ll be able to get her out more often now.

A Cacophony of Bird Noises

… at 6:30 this morning

My Happiness File: Day 12

Finding things to be happy about this week has been tricky. The first day of Spring arrived but the temperatures were cold and it snowed all week. Our dog Frances has been feeling somewhat under the weather so I didn’t get out for our evening walks this week.

Today Frances woke me at 6:30 to take her outside. When we stepped into the cold March morning we were greeted by birds squawking, screeching and making quite the rukus. It was so loud that Frances just stood there looking off in the distance trying to see where the noise was coming from. She never did do anything and after standing there in my pyjamas in the cold I decided to bring her back inside. I knew that this cacophony of bird sounds was a sure sign of spring so I found myself smiling despite the cold.

Later that morning my husband decided that we needed to take Frances to see the vet. Earlier in the week she suffered with vomiting and constant diarrhea and today she couldn’t go at all. When we got to the vets’ office she was full of vitality, not the same puppy we had experienced all week. Anyway, $200.00 later, armed with special gastro intestinal food and antibiotics we left the office with one happy dog. Update: she hates the one medicine, loves the ‘canned’ food and appears to be back to normal.

The upside to her feeling better is that we went back to our evening walk. I really did miss it and I feel so much better for it. Happy!

The other happy moment (yesterday – I didn’t finish this post last night) is that the sun came out. I was checking some studies about how sunshine and happiness are related and apparently people in countries where they don’t see the sun as often as other parts of the world are actually happier overall. I have my own theory about that. When Canadians and other more northerly countries actually do see the sun we’re so grateful when it happens that we become doubly happy. I can imagine that in countries where the sun shines all the time people tend to take it for granted.

Here is the perfect song for the end of winter.

Enjoy the sun. Cheers!