Sculpture Saturday – May 22, 2021

….found a new park in south Mississauga to wander through

This is where I found The Peace Stone, Richard’s Memorial Park in Port Credit.


Thanks to SM Kelly from No Fixed Plans for hosting Sculpture Saturday

Celebrating 45 Years of Love and Friendship

….our wedding day feels like it happened yesterday and not 45 years ago

This time last year we celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary in the hospital when Kevin was admitted for pneumonia. I was so pleased that his cough wasn’t COVID related or pneumonia and that he was well enough to go out for an early dinner today.

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Yesterday Kevin took me clothes shopping to buy a new dress for our anniversary dinner. He planned to take me to one our favourite restaurants along the Port Credit River but because of COVID he couldn’t make reservations and we had take our chances and hope we could get in. We decided on an early dinner but even at 4:00 there was a one hour wait. We decided to check out an Italian restaurant up the street.

Our view from the patio, including the restaurant we couldn’t get into

Posta was open and readily accepted our request for a table for two on the patio. The service and the food were excellent and the view was fantastic. We now have a new favourite restaurant to frequent for special occasions.

Lens-Artist Challenge – On Display

thanks to Amy for hosting this week’s Lens-Artist Challenge

On the weekend we discovered a new micro-brewery close to home. It’s called Stonehooker which refers to a boat that went out into the lake and dug up shale for the roads in the neighbourhood. It’s very clear when you walk in that the owner had a nautical theme in mind.