Share Your World – May 14, 2018

….thanks to Cee for hosting Share Your World

Complete this sentence: This sandwich could really use some …

I love tomato, lettuce and mayo added to a sandwich.

What is your least favorite candy?

I’m not a huge candy fan and I avoid most candy. My least favourite candy is liquorice but my favourite candy is Liquorice All Sorts. Does that make sense?

What sign are you? Do you believe in astrology?

I’m a Virgo and I do believe in astrology. I’m not a follower of daily horoscopes but I do find that signs influence your personality and how you interact with people. When my father met his last wife he only had one concern about her and that was that she was a Virgo like me. The relationship lasted 22 years until she died. I guess he was more compatible with Virgos than he thought. Guess in point he lives with me now. By the way he’s a Libra and so is my husband, whom I’ve been with for 45 years.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

This past week the weather definitely made me smile. The rain that was forecast didn’t happen here and the sun was out for most of the week. Yesterday it was Mother’s Day and it was suppose to be cool and partially sunny but it was very sunny and warm enough for all of us to sit outside.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I was able to see the cherry blossoms in High Park last week with my daughter and daughter-in-law. Time spent with my family always makes me happy.IMG_1783

Last week I was also able to help out a friend and get her daughter to a very important interview. I’m happy to report that she got the job.

Celebrating the Cherry Blossoms

…..the cherry blossoms in High Park have bloomed but won’t last much longer

The blooming of the cherry blossoms in High Park is a big deal. Every year hundreds of thousands flock to the west end of Toronto to take in the cherry blossoms. In 1959 the  Japanese ambassador to Canada, Toru-Hagiwara, presented 2000 Japanese Somei-Yoshino Sakura trees to the citizens of Toronto on behalf of the citizens of Tokyo. The trees were planted in appreciation of Toronto accepting re-located Japanese-Canadians following the Second World War.

Sakura is the Japanese name for flowering cherry trees and their flowers – often referred to as cherry blossoms. The Japanese traditional custom of hanami or “flower viewing” dates back to 710-794 when the Chinese Tang Dynasty influenced Japan with their custom of enjoying flowers. Today when the Sakura trees bloom, Japanese people and people from all walks of life and cultures continue the tradition of hanami, gathering in great numbers along the pathways on the eastern shore of Grenadier Pond in High Park.

Thanks to the High Park Nature Centre for the information about the history of the Cherry Blossoms in High Park. If you get out in the next couple of days you can still catch some of the blossoms before they fall to the ground.



The Toronto Marathon, Cherry Blossoms and Road Closures

….not a good day to be driving

It was another beautiful day. A great day for walking, riding your bike and other modes of transportation. With everything going on in the city, citizens were urged to not drive and to get to venues using public transportation.

My husband and I had to do a little gardening at our daughter’s house while she’s away. We know the city fairly well and we knew how to get to the house using a route that wouldn’t be as impacted by the road closures as some of the main streets. Getting there wasn’t bad but getting home was another story.

I’m not sure why we didn’t take the same route home but we didn’t. I guess we thought that the marathon would be finished but we didn’t count on the mayhem of cars trying to get into High Park to see the cherry blossoms.

Spectators were urged to not drive to High Park. The subway and the streetcar stop at the park. There are bicycle routes that go into the park. On Saturday the parking lots in the park were full by 8:00 in the morning and no one in the parks department thought to open the public washrooms that are situated throughout the park. I guess they normally don’t open until the long weekend in May. Apparently, the washrooms in the one and only restaurant in the park had huge lineups, especially for the women.

As we were driving down Parkside we couldn’t figure out why the right lane was moving so slowly. We moved over to the left lane and soon discovered that cars were lined up to get into the park. If you can see that the line isn’t moving why wouldn’t you use some common sense and change your plans?

I may not see the cherry blossoms, first hand this year but I did discover that there’s a beautiful cherry tree in our neighbourhood and on our walk this morning I took a couple of pictures.


When we finally got home I decided to do more gardening. It was too beautiful a day to spend indoors. I had already done about two hours of work in the morning, mostly cleaning the beds and pulling weeds. I worked for another two hours in the afternoon. I will probably regret it in the morning but I love the feeling of accomplishment when everything looks so clean and groomed.

I was pleased to see that my perennials are peaking through the soil. Last fall a parent at my school who works at the golf course offered a few of us some plants that she had to thin out. I loaded up the back of my car with some plants that had been cut down but the roots were still intact in a clump of soil. I planted everything in the areas of my garden that were most suitable for each plant.

Here’s my problem. As I look at the new growth coming up from the ground I realize that I have no idea what some of these plants are. I’ve forgotten what I was given. I know I have some ornamental grasses and one plant is a fern but I can’t remember what the rest are.

Here are the plants I’m not sure about.

Do any of you know what I’ve got here? Let me know if you do.