TGIFFF – Two Tonguelys for the Price of One

….last week I was away when Kevin finished his latest Tonguely picture and I didn’t get around to posting it

Looks like Tonguely wanted to learn how to cook but he thinks that fudge is a food group. This week he wanted to celebrate National Vanilla Ice-cream Day but then he discovered that it was also Gorgeous Grandmother Day. Since he loves his Granny he decided to spend the day with her and share a cone or two.


TGIFFF – Tonguely Is Off Joy Riding

….last week he was taking it easy but he’s making up for this week

Today is International Car Collectors Appreciation Day. This is reminiscent of the days when Kevin and I owned a VW Beetle but we never jammed this many friends into that car.


Tonguely Celebrates Wear Plaid for Dad

….just in time for Father’s Day

Kevin is very proud of Tonguely for recognizing the importance of Wear Plaid for Dad. Launched in 2015, Plaid for Dad raises awareness about prostate cancer and vital research funds to improve and save the lives of those affected by the disease. It has quickly become a fun and easy way for Canadians to celebrate dad and help the 1 in 9 men who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. When detected early, survival is close to 100%. Early detection is key. When it’s not detected early, survival rates 5 years after diagnosis drop to 28%.


TGIFFF – Celebrating National Pizza Party Day

….Tonguely is delighted to be able to invite some friends over to feast on Pizza

What toppings do you think frogs would like on their pizza? One friend suggested flies.


TGIFFF is a Day Late

….Tonguely needed consoling after Kevin recommended that he read Wind in the Willows

Apparently frogs don’t like toads or at least Tonguely is not fond of them. When he found out that Derrick’s book recommendation featured a toad he was none too pleased. The news, however, that it is Canadian Children’s Book Week turned him around and he is knee deep in some of these books. At least he’s not obsessed with being the Frog Prince anymore.