TGIFFF – Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Friends

yes we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada, just at a different time

Our Thanksgiving Day is earlier in the year than in the U.S. because we’re further north and our harvest time is typically in Sept/Oct..

Tonguely has met a new friend and would like to invite him over for Thanksgiving dinner. Should he tell him……..????


TGIFFF – Tonguely Doesn’t Want to Get Out of Bed and Fishy Friday is Back

….all this rain is keeping poor Tonguely in bed and as a special request Kevin has resurrected Fishy Friday (for now anyway)

I thought frogs liked the rain. It seems that Tonguely has other ideas and would rather stay under the covers. I can’t say I blame him.


One of my blogging friends asked me if Kevin ever drew fish. I totally forgot that he started with fish long before Monster Monday and Wacky Bird Wednesday. To my surprise he drew a new fish. So here it is Judy, just for you.

Catching Up With Tonguely, Wacky Bird and Sloth

When I go to the cottage for a few days I seem to struggle getting my posts out and then when I come home I have so many emails to read that I fall even further behind. So I’m posting the last three paintings that Kevin did for Wacky Bird Wednesday, TGIFFF (Tonguely) and Sloth Saturday all in one post.

Playing around on his tablet – I think Kevin’s getting better. I thought he had hand painted this one.
Tonguely wants all of us to stay cool during this heat wave.
Sloth doesn’t seem to mind the heat at all.

TGIFFF – Tonguely Finds a Pair of Kevin’s Old Racing Shorts


When Kevin started drawing last week’s Tonguely he had no idea where he was going with these flowered shorts and then he remembered that he owned a pair of racing shorts very similar to these.

TGIFFF – Two Tonguelys for the Price of One

….last week I was away when Kevin finished his latest Tonguely picture and I didn’t get around to posting it

Looks like Tonguely wanted to learn how to cook but he thinks that fudge is a food group. This week he wanted to celebrate National Vanilla Ice-cream Day but then he discovered that it was also Gorgeous Grandmother Day. Since he loves his Granny he decided to spend the day with her and share a cone or two.