Thursday Doors – Montgomery Rd.

….thanks to Norm for hostingĀ Thursday Doors

Since I started baking bread on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Montgomery’s Inn I often find myself walking home if I don’t have the car. On those days my husband drops me off in the morning and then I make my way back home on foot. It’s a long way so I usually phone my husband and have him pick me up at the half point point.

Whenever I do start walking home I pass some amazing and beautiful homes on Montgomery Rd.. Here are some of the more interesting doors.


A Tiny Roof – June Squares

…thanks to Becky B for hostingĀ June Squares – roofs

Today’s roof sits above the side doorway leading into Montgomery’s Inn. It’s made with cedar shakes and gives some shelter to guests or trades people who use this side entrance. Today was bread baking day at the inn and the brick oven sits next to this entrance.IMG_2774