Papa Can You Draw Me a Butterfly?

….a quick change in plans…the prepared drawing can wait for another day

Usually my husband draws one or two drawings ahead of the day he sends them to Winnie. Today she made a request that he couldn’t ignore so he quickly whipped up this lovely butterfly. Her comment: “It’s a beautiful butterfly. Is it a unicorn butterfly?”

bane airplane

Cute Dino

…..Winnie asked if this was a dinosaur or a scary slug.  I said I was going for “cute dino” and she agreed

This is the conversation that my husband and our granddaughter had over What’s App about today’s drawing.purple

She then told my husband that this one is her favourite and she calls it sea slug.  It was sent as a Monster Monday pic awhile back.


Do Dogs Wear Bow Ties?

,,,,”it’s a dog with a bow tie but dogs don’t wear bow ties”

This was today’s comment for today’s cartoon drawing from our granddaughter to which my husband replied….”dogs do wear bow ties…they love bow ties and Papa loves bow ties too……but Bill the Cat, not so much.”


“Is it a Choo Choo Squirrel?”

…..a what????

I find it fascinating what goes through the mind of a three year old. This drawing was meant to be a cat but I guess if you look at the background as being a tail it could be a squirrel. Where the ‘Choo, Choo’ comes in is beyond me.

There are days when I feel just like this ‘cat’; confused and bewildered by the state of the world.